What To Do When No One Notices You


We live in this crazy world where our existence is justified by our online activity. So what do you do, when it seems like no one notices you?

If you don’t snap that picture, you actually never ate your lunch.

If you don’t post a picture of your recent trip, you actually never went on it.

If you don’t tell everyone about how you stubbed your toe, it actually never really occurred.

If you do any type of activity, and never post or update anyone about it, did it actually happen?

I don’t know, you tell me.

Ironically we are alone, together.

There is nothing wrong with this, until we actually are living only for this.

If Jesus paid attention to you, it does not matter who did not give attention to you.

If Jesus calls you His masterpiece, it does not matter who else calls you something else.

You are God’s best, not something that He created after He was done with the rest.


The point is that we don’t need to fear if we go unnoticed. Because the Creator of the Universe, noticed us perfectly, knows us personally and loves us unconditionally.

Question: What else would you add to the discussion? How has our existence been shaped by social media? 

And even though other people might not know about our good works, Jesus Himself says that He knows and sees our good works.


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