The Price You Pay For Dreams

July 5, 2013
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Dreams cost time, not money. Here is why:

The reason you are not achieving your dreams is not because you lack resources, or money or support. It is because you are too afraid to face the hard work that lies before you.

You let other people define your life for you, instead of trusting the One who created a life, in you.

Far too often, we are like those kids playing with mud pies, while our parents are offering us a vacation on the sea, aboard a luxury yacht.

Don’t quit your dream, just because your friends did not make it.

Don’t quit your dream, just because it scares you.

Don’t quit your dream, just because your peers ridiculed it and declared it impossible.

Don’t quit your dream, because it takes too much work.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. And before you will get super good at it, you will have to put some serious effort into it.

Question: What else would you add to this discussion? 

Bogdan Kipko

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Founder & Pastor of Forward Church In Irvine, CA & host of the Fuel For Life Podcast which is listened to in 50 states & 118 countries. Join the FFL nation!