State Of The Blog: You Do Not Want To Miss What Is Up Next

Thank you so much for being a part of this blog for the last five months. It has been an exciting journey. My fervent prayer is that you began to love Jesus more than ever before. My deep desire is that you have become a perpetual worshiper of our Risen Savior.

I want to give you as the reader a few quick updates regarding the blog as we close in on wrapping up 2011. If you have not yet subscribed to the blog, you can find out how to do that by going to this link. Here are TWO THINGS you absolutely do not want to miss:

1. END OF THE YEAR BLOG SCHEDULE: For the last two full weeks of this year — or the last ten weekdays — here is the plan:

I want to publish the top ten posts from this blog from the last five months.

These will be the posts that received the absolute most comments, the most traffic and the most interaction out of the over 100 posts that I have written.

I also hope and pray that these posts changed the way you live your life, the way you interact in your relationships — and most importantly — perpetuated a genuine change in the way that you worship, love and display Jesus in your life.

Here is the second thing I want to share with you — about which I am supremely excited about — and hope that you will be as well:

2. Lord willing, I am planning to host and hold the first ever ASK ANYTHING LIVE EVENT.

I will be answering LIVE any questions you may have regarding any topic that I have written about here on the blog. 



This is going to be the absolute first time I will attempt to do this as part of this blog journey. This blog and everything I write would not be possible if it were not for your faithful readership and interaction. This is my way of giving back and blessing you.

Here is what it will tentatively look like:



I will answer live any questions you may have liveun-edited and uncut.

During this time, I will answer any questions that you may have related to any topic or subject that has been written about on this blog OR WHATEVER OTHER QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. You have over 100 posts to choose from.

In addition to this — there should be some good stuff that I will give away during the LIVE STREAM. Things that you will for sure enjoy. Who said gifts only happen during Christmas!?

So please plan on tuning in!

You can visit this link where the live stream will take place and put it in your favorites. Click here to go to the live stream page.

This link will be the exact same link that you will go to during the ASK ANYTHING LIVE event.

Here is what I am requesting from you:

Please begin to ask any questions that you may have of me starting today and going on until the event date. On the day of the ASK ANYTHING LIVE EVENT, you will also have an opportunity to submit your questions. You will also have an opportunity to submit your questions even as we go live and as I answer any questions that you may have.


Here is how you can BEGIN NOW to send in your questions — and tune in then to listen and interact:

  • Email me the question to
  • Submit your question in the comments’ section of this post.
  • Post a question to my Facebook wall by clicking here.
  • Send me a private message via Facebook by writing to:
  • Ask me a question using formspring by clicking here.
  • Ask me anonymously using formspring by clicking here.

I am very excited and looking forward to this ASK ANYTHING LIVE EVENT.

I ask you to pray with me so that all the technical aspects will be worked out and that this time will serve as a huge blessing both to you and me — as we close out 2011 and prepare for 2012.

Question: Are you excited about this event? Will you attend? What one thing have you learned from reading and interacting with this blog? 


4 responses to “State Of The Blog: You Do Not Want To Miss What Is Up Next”

  1. Ben Gusenkov Avatar
    Ben Gusenkov

    Wow!! Am I excited? How could you not be? If there’s one thing I’ve learned reading this blog, its that Bogdan loves interaction, and he pretty much answers every single comment that is posted. Imagine this happening in a live video! You are guaranteed an instant response to any question you submit to him. I personally am sooper excited for this and will definitely be attending this event:)

    1. Ben — you are awesome man — thank you for your support — it is greatly appreciated!

  2. Супер идея!!! I sign up to attend this event. I will be there aLIVE.

    1. Mariya — I love the “alive” part — very clever — 🙂

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