Why You Are Not A Smashing Success Just Yet: Reason Two

Our desire eclipses our talent. Our charisma outshines our skills. What we dream is far from who we really are.

This is partly the reason for why you are not where you want to be. Just yet. Here is the second reason why you are not a smashing success.

Reason Two:

You Still Have A Long Way To Go

Let’s face it. No one is immediately good at their craft.


It takes some 10,000 hours to master whatever it is that you are called to do.


I am sure glad that there is no audio recording of some of my first sermons.


Most people who get good at something — go through a long arduous process — until finally — they hit their stride.
Our desire to be good at something almost always eclipses our actual talent.


We are excited about writing that next book much more than waking up at five in the morning to actually write.


We want to become an expert actor/musician/photographer in the (fill in the blank) industry much more than we want to practice memorizing and playing and perfecting what we do –every single night for four hours.


We are far more thrilled about exercising and eating right every day than we are when we have to turn down that cake pop proclaiming your name.


Think of time as your friend and not your enemy. Your craft or talent is being cultivated, formed, chiseled and perfected.

Question: In what way have you been able to be content with where you are at? What have you done to cultivate your God-given skills and abilities? You can leave a comment below. 



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