Twenty Certain Signs You Are Growing In Grace

Can I ask you question? When was the last time you truly cared about your spiritual growth? When was the last time you transparently assessed the state of your spirituality? When was the last time you took your finger and placed it onto your proverbial pulse in order to gauge your relationship with Jesus?

When was the last time someone around you told you that they see evident signs of your maturity? When was the last time you were surprised by your actions because they were distinctly Christ-like? When was the last time you fervently shared the gospel with someone who has never had it explained to them? Can you answer the above questions? These actions are not the foundation of your salvation but they very well can be accurate indicators of the validity of your salvation.

James says this: Be doers of the word (Js. 1:22). We must be continuous in our spiritual growth. We must endure in our spiritual maturity. We must put in grace-empowered effort into growing spiritually.

Paul reminds us of this: Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure (Php. 2:12). We must not approach our spiritual growth lightheartedly. We must approach our spiritual maturity diligently. It must be evident, apparent, constant and consistent.

Today, I want to list some certain signs that you are growing in grace. I hope they help both you and I transparently assess our current spiritual state, repent of the lack of communion with God or in gratitude, worship Jesus for the growth He has stirred up in you personally — for the glory of God and for the joy of the people that surround you.

Here are twenty certain signs that you are growing in grace:

  1. You are obsessed with Jesus practically, confessionally and theologically.
  2. You can quickly recall the last time you had a gospel-drenched conversation.
  3. You care less about performing for others to gain affirmation.
  4. You do not constantly think that every conversation you have has to center around you.
  5. You avoid dropping the story-topping bomb and actually listen attentively to the other person.
  6. You actively listen to another person when they speak instead of thinking what to say next.
  7. When you say you will pray for someone, you actually do (pray for them).
  8. When you say to someone “let’s have lunch sometime” you actually make this a priority and bring it to fruition.
  9. Your own personal sin brings forth more disgust from you than does the sin of other people.
  10. You focus more on your own personal sanctification rather than advancing the sanctification rate of the people in your life.
  11. You live with an alert understanding that everything and everyone around you, is not about you.
  12. You realize that if someone cut you off on the road, they might not have seen you instead of instantly thinking they intentionally wanted to ruin your day.
  13. You demonstrate tranquil patience when your waiter defects your order and forgets the ten caveats you had when placing it.
  14. You realize the people in your life were not placed there to serve you but rather you were placed in their life to serve them.
  15. You are more concerned about a sermon speaking directly into your heart than a trivial misspeak that came from the speaker.
  16. You are able to forgive quickly knowing that Christ first forgave you.
  17. You do not throw a pity party for yourself when you are not chosen to do something you thought you were the prime candidate for.
  18. You submissively accept the fact that someone who is less competent than you are in some area is put in authority over you.
  19. You wake up in the morning with a burning desire to read the bible.
  20. You just can’t stop praying throughout the day because of the pleasure you experience in having a close communion with God.

Question: What other certain signs would you say a person demonstrates when they are growing in grace? What would you add to the above list? 











6 responses to “Twenty Certain Signs You Are Growing In Grace”

  1. Bogdan, are you serious? Add more? You’ve got a seminary degree and probably wrote a few papers on this subject, plus preached a dozen times on this matter and you are asking me to add?!!!
    Never mind,.. if you are asking, I will add!
    You are definitely spiritually maturing, when you suffer a terrible headache and don’t get angry at your children’s overflow of energy expressed by loud screaming and jumping.
    Also, you are maturing spiritually, when you stop your own negativism.
    Oops, got to run, my children are calling….

    1. By God’s Grace, I’d like to follow #14: “You realize the people in your life were not placed there to serve you but rather you were placed in their life to serve them.”

      1. Linda — that is awesome — Godspeed — thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting! This point I also am trying to put into practice in my life — it does not always come easy and it is far less natural — but by the grace of God, we are able to do this, because we are called to this!

    2. Mariya — I agree with you — but your input is very valuable to the rest of the community here on the blog — because together, we are learning from one another how to be more Christ-like — thank you for adding to the list — very good points — also, it sounds like you are very busy! So, thank you for finding time to stop by to read and comment, I really appreciate it!

  2. Nick Abramovich Avatar
    Nick Abramovich

    Great job Bogdan!!!

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