My Top Ten Most Visited Posts In All Of 2013


This morning while having coffee with my wife, we took the time to write down as much things as possible that we were thankful to God for in 2013. It was quite a long list because this year was an amazing whirlwind of God’s grace. Every moment is filled with Jesus’ sustaining power but each year manifests the favor of God in a unique way. This year was especially busy for me in terms of content creation and providing gospel-centered resources here on the site. In the last twelve months, I released my first book, launched my first podcast, celebrated a one year anniversary of the English service at my church and we baptized twelve people. God is good and I am excited about everything He will do in 2014. Here are the top ten most visited posts in all of 2013. I hope you are blessed and encouraged by them. Thank you for reading and being an amazing community:

10. Why Christians Need To Calm Down About The Duck Dynasty Debacle.  Amidst all the noise about why Christians are being persecuted, that we have no freedom of speech and that we are being attacked, here is why I think Christians need to take a deep breath for duck’s sake and calm down.

09. How Should The Church Approach Homosexuality. There is no other issue that more clearly defines our cultural crisis as does the issue of homosexuality. Here is my take on how the church should approach this subject.

08. How To Speak Less And Listen More. This post was written over two years ago, yet continues to remain one of the most visited posts I have ever written, year after year.

07. My Exclusive Interview With Alexei Ledyaev. This interview was done on The Fuel For Life Podcast and is in Russian. Have a listen by clicking here. Also, read my follow-up post to this interview by clicking here.

06. Four Incredibly Important Things To Consider When Searching For Your Future Spouse. Whether you are single, engaged, courting, dating or married – you must read this post.

05. Five Lies Many Christians Believe.  Growing up in the church, you meet a lot of different people who have an interesting way of interpreting the Bible. I believe that many of these lies often came from a folk theology which creates a hybrid of tradition and Scripture, thereby creating a Faux-ology.

04. Should Christians Get Tattoos?  Before you join the inked club, read this post.

03. What Happens To A Christian If They Commit Suicide.  I want to bring to light what the Bible says about suicide. As a pastor, my job is to tell you the truth about all things related to life – no matter how tough or unpleasant they may be.

02. The Single Defining Characteristic Of A Manipulative Person.  I wish I did not have to write this post. But because you and I live in a broken world, we will meet broken people.

01. Should Christians Listen To Secular Music?  This is probably one of the most controversial questions that exists among Christians. But it shouldn’t be. The right way to approach this question is Biblically, not culturally or even personally.

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Question: What are you most looking forward to in 2014? 


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