The Reason Why You Are Insecure In Your Current Position

The reason why you are insecure in your current position is this:
You are comparing your “behind the scenes” with someone else’s “promo video.”
Because we live in a you-tube, insta-gram, bite-size, 140 character, 30 second attention span digital nation — we think that overnight success — is a normality — rather than an irregularity.



So when success does not come to us at breakneck speed — frustration becomes our friend and time turns into our enemy. The crazy part is this:


As soon as you step in to the next level of your career or craft or talent — you will immediately experience the same sadness — because you failed to cultivate a spirit of contentment — and concentrated on how to blow up or get big.

I remember the time before I had my driver’s license. I loved riding bikes. In fact, my dad would usually purchase for me a new bike every year or so.

I was super excited, every single time.

Then my desire turned elsewhere — I was nearing the legal age of driving — and all my bikes were getting rusty from the rain in the back-yard of the pacific northwest paradise.

Here is what made matters worse. I owned my first car before I even had my driver’s license.

Every day I had to walk to school — and I had to walk right past my car sitting in the drive-way. It was torture.

I finally got my driver’s license. Epic. Until I realized that after a while, cars just take you from one point to another — quicker than a bike.

My euphoria faded as quickly as my taste in cars changed and developed.

Not much changes as you grow older in life. Unless of course — you fight for and find contentment in your current situation.

The lust for something newer, greater and bigger can consume you and even endanger you — and anxiety can set in when you want to go further faster — but the exact opposite is visibly occurring.

In tomorrow’s post, I want to point out five people who did not go viral, were not an overnight success and did not incur over 100k followers because of social media –

Yet they still continued to do that — which they were called to do — and did so faithfully —

Question: What do you think motivates insecurity in our life. You can leave a comment below. 


5 responses to “The Reason Why You Are Insecure In Your Current Position”

  1. Can’t wait until tomorrow. You said the truth about you, bikes and cars.

  2. At first glance at the title, I thought its “Ten reasons…” – but you are promising to discuss only one… Hmmm… Ok… That’s fine with me 🙂

  3. This is super true. And to make it worse, most people only pay the promo video and try to hide the fact that there is a behind the scenes.

    1. Yes — good add!

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