Ten Things People On The Internet Should Start Doing

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The Internet is a lot like the wild west. As we move forward, deeper into the digital revolution, opinions are often, trolling is rampant, mud-slinging is evident and comment sections sometimes look like a virtual bar fight. My fellow friends on the internets, this must not be so. Here are ten things people on the Internet should start doing:


1. Disagree Agreeably. One of my seminary professors always used to say: Chew the meat and spit out the bones. A perfect principle to use while online. Consume what is helpful and continue scrolling if you don’t like what you see. Simple.

2. Treat People As People. Behind every blog post, there is a person. Behind every social media update, there is a live human being. Who has a history, who has a family and who is loved by God so much that He sent His Son Jesus to earth to rescue them, so that He can delight in them forever. Let’s start to keep that top of mind, always.

3. Become Friends With People. I don’t have to¬†agree¬†with you, to be friends with you. If my friends were only people who agreed with me, I would be very lonely. I don’t look at you based on your opinion. I look at you based on you as a person.

4. Leave Character Out Of The Conversation. There is no need to resort to ad-hominem character accusations, just because you don’t¬†agree¬†with¬†another¬†person. Not adding value to the conversation is the same as taking value away. Discuss the substance or content, not the character of a person.

5. Assume The Best. If a written nuance does not meet your¬†stringent specifications, don’t¬†immediately¬†assume the person has no regard for (fill in the blank). Do realize the context in which the content is written. Do look over the other content located on a blog. Instead of being a drive-by commenter, do join a community and do interact with the content and the people in that community.

6. Realize Others Won’t Always Agree With You. This is what makes the church a¬†beautiful¬†mess. It is about unity, not uniformity. The Bible teaches us to be of the same mind. This means not thinking the same but rather having thoughts united for¬†the¬†same thing and moving in the same direction.

7. Read Another Blog. If you don’t like the way an author is presenting content or a viewpoint, there is other material you can read. According to some statistics, there are forty-two million blogs on the Internet. You are for sure bound to find a blog that is programmed for your reading¬†palette.

8. Share The Content. If you found something useful on the Internet, share that content with your social network. They are called social for a reason. I love getting messages from people who said they were referred to a post on my blog via one of their friends.

9. Be Nice. If you don’t have something nice to say, maybe the best¬†thing¬†to do is to say nothing at all. What would make someone comment on a post without listing their name? Again, let’s make the wild wild west we call the internet, a little less wild. Because of this post here, I implemented a Commenting Policy on my blog. Check it out here and please be so kind as to abide by it – the entire community would really appreciate it.

10. Image Jesus Well Virtually. My blog is written from a God-centered perspective.

Yes, I do subscribe to a world view that submits to Jesus as God.

Yes, I do believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Yes, I do believe that Jesus is the only way to God.

Yes, I do believe that the church is the hope of the world.

Yes, I do believe that the gospel of Jesus is something everyone is desperately in need of. Both to get saved and to continue being sustained as we live, sojourning on this earth.

Yes, I agree that I don’t have all the answers, but I won’t compromise my convictions for¬†convenience.

Will you join me in this internet revolution by beginning to do these ten things? Let’s go forward, together.

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Question: What Else Would You Add To This List? 




6 responses to “Ten Things People On The Internet Should Start Doing”

  1. Most excellent! I agree. Assume the best and disagree agreeably are crucial. I also think there should be more encouraging. Just randomly tweet people you follow to tell them that you like their work.

  2. Hey Bogdan,
    I’ve been reading some of your other posts and I must say you are a solid guy who loves Jesus and studies the Word. However, my problem with your previous post concerning 20 year olds is that you do not state an opinion; rather, you present them authoritatively and as fact. Forgive me for being unnecessarily snarky in the previous comment section, but I am honestly frustrated at many Christians (especially those who blog) who feel compelled to give unsolicited advice. There are Godly principles that may be applied to the life of the believer, but even as you wrote, unity does not mean uniformity, and a mature believer should understand that one cannot apply ubiquitous rules (e.g. video games = slothfulness) to the church, which should thrive in its diversity. Blogging should provide a forum to discuss different ideas, but these ideas should never be presented from an omniscient perspective, which you have done in providing a comprehensive list of “things 20 year olds *should* [keyword] stop doing.” This presents itself as judgmental, and obviously people take offense. If you had written the post from a personal perspective (e.g. Things I have learned about myself), I believe the post would have been must less inflammatory. I can imagine many other posts written with “Why Christians shouldn’t do _____,” but that wording already discredits any ensuing discussion as it assumes that the author already has “figured it out” and must be treated as a singular authority on the matter (which cannot ever be true given the nature of knowing [outside of absolute Biblical truths] is in flux.
    Anyway, I hope you will take my words with openness and willingness to discuss.
    Grace and peace!

  3. I’m reading these and thinking, “I wish people would start doing this in real life too!”

    1. Exactly, not a bad idea ūüôā

  4. MK.TCK.Just.Me Avatar

    doesn’t this just basically summarize to: “The Golden Rule”? I think it shouldn’t just be done online but offline too. my observation: a lot of people just don’t follow that rule anymore. just my opinion.

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