Seven Things Successful People Do Differently


There is a reason why a few guys who wrote part of the New Testament were accused of turning the world upside down. They did things differently than most people. They made a decision to follow someone Who was out of this world, in order to change the world. Here are seven things successful people do differently:

1. They Are More Concerned About Changing Themselves, Than Changing The World.

If you can’t lead yourself, you won’t be able to lead other people.

If you are focused on your relationship with Jesus, the changing of the world part will happen. Who we are becoming, is more important than what we are doing.

2. They Don’t Strive For Perfection In Every Area. I truly believe that perfectionism breed procrastination. We don’t finish a project not because we think we need to make it perfect, but because it is much safer to procrastinate. There needs to come a point where you need to hit post, publish, send, or submit.

3. They Get Up Super Early. Most successful people who get stuff done, get up super early. Jesus is known for waking up early, when it was still dark, to go to a desolate place to pray and commune with God (Mark 1:35).

If you don’t develop a habit of waking up before the rest of the world, you won’t be able to change the world.

More on this in a future post.

4. They Harness Their Biggest Setbacks As The Stage For Their Biggest Breakthrough. Failure is a part of your life, but it does not have to define your life.

The most painful part of your biography, will become the most powerful part of your testimony.

If you paid such a heavy price for your suffering, you must make a great investment with your suffering. Your setback is a part of your life, but it does not have to define or direct the course of your life – Jesus does.

5. They Recruit Mentors To Speak Into Their Life. Mentors help you get further, faster. There is a reason why Jesus sought out twelve men and spent most of His time with them. Mentors are able to look at your life from a 360 degree angle. They are able to point out your blind spots. Most successful people have a handful of mentors, with whom they are doing life.

6. They Are Incredibly Strategic In Spending Their Time. Successful people manage their time in terms of priority, instead of urgency. Prioritizing is doing things that are important. Living off of urgency is constantly putting out fires. Your biggest decisions regarding time management should be about doing what is good or best, instead of doing something bad, or good. I don’t think you have a a problem with the amount of time you have but rather with the use of your time. Whatever does not get written down, does not get done. Life is but a vapor, gone like the morning mist. You are called to be a wise manager of your time. Don’t waste it.

7. They Do Not Watch TV. Call or text someone you know right now who you think is successful and ask them how much TV they watch on a daily basis. Most likely little, if none.

Watching TV is like eating sugar, it damages the health of your brain.

Imagine what you could accomplish, even if you decreased watching TV by just thirty minutes each day.

I believe that when Jesus came to earth, He had a very clear goal in mind. He knew exactly what He was doing. He said that He was all about His Father’s business. If we want to be a people who turn the world upside down, we first must allow Jesus to turn our world upside down. This happens when gospel-centrality is displayed in every single sphere of our life.

Question: What else would you add to this list? What specifically are you doing right now to set yourself apart, and to make an impact upon the world? 



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  1. Inna Matveychuk Avatar
    Inna Matveychuk

    I love #7; they do not watch TV:)

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