Six Sustaining Antidotes For Idolatry

July 29, 2011
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The cause of idolatry is the insatiable lust or desire that pervades our person because our mind is not set on the things of God. The cause of idolatry is our obsession with trite and trivial things that occupy our mind and motivate our existence.

It is a love that we have for the world and the things that this world has to offer. This is the root cause of our idolatry.


John the Apostle summarizes his entire five chapter epistle with the following closing line, “little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21). When John says this, he literally means keep yourself from trusting, obeying, revering, and worshiping anyone or anything other than God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

 How then can we find a cure for idolatry? Here are six sustaining antidotes for idolatry:


  1. The cure for idolatry becomes visible to us when Jesus becomes our Authentic Messiah. 
  2. The cure for idolatry becomes viable we cease to pursue pseudo-messiahs in possessions or positions or people. 
  3. The cure for idolatry becomes veritable when we relentlessly pursue Jesus with a whole, undivided heart. 
  4. The cure for idolatry becomes valid when we begin to be utterly obsessed with Jesus and what he has done for us because of our sin on the cross of Calvary. 
  5. The cure for idolatry becomes verifiable when we shatter our worthless idols and live a life with Jesus, for Jesus, through Jesus and in light of Jesus. 
  6. The cure for idolatry becomes vital when our most deep-seated joy is found in nothing but Jesus. 

Our idolatry is cured when we love Jesus so much more that we are not enslaved or ensnared by our attachments, whatever or whoever they may be. We must rejoice and rest in the finished work of Christ on the cross. This allows us to holistically understand that the cure for idolatry can only be provided by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Question: In what way has the gospel remedied idolatry in your life? 


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