My All Time Top Posts With The Most Traffic

Writing and putting out content can sometimes be absolutely exhilarating. At other times,  it can be very lonely and frustrating. The creative process of writing takes time and energy. The arbitrary thing is that my interest level behind a topic does not always line up with your interest level as the reader.

But, when the content of a post matches up with and piques the interest of the reader, it becomes explosively exciting.

First, because you as the reader are benefited greatly by whatever content is put out here.

Second, because I am elated to see that the content being put out here did not fall on deaf ears but actually found a home in your heart.

Either way, this thrill-seeking of putting out fresh content which not only challenges me but also stretches your thinking — is far too exciting not to continue.

So again, thank you for reading, subscribing, sharing and “liking.” I truly appreciate it.

Today, I wanted to publish my all time top posts with the most traffic since I started blogging this past July. Thank you for hanging with me. Our best days are still ahead!

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Thank you so much for sharing the above content over 170+ times. I really appreciate it!

Thank you for being an awesome community. Together, we are learning to live and lead with purpose!

Here is my one simple request from you today:

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They will absolutely benefit form this content!

I look forward to continuing our interaction together!



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