Is Social Media Your Servant Or Your Master?

December 9, 2011
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This past Monday, I published a post entitled: How To Set Yourself Up For A Successful 2012. It was a rather lengthy post, capping out at 2194 words. With the deluge of information that we receive on a daily basis, I am afraid that it was not in a “bite-size” format for proper digestion.

So here is my solution. I am so passionate about sharing the things I included in the original post, that I want to re-visit each item. But — I am going to allocate each item a specific post. These posts will be short, bite-size, small enough for proper digestion, one day at a time. If you want to read the whole post through in one sitting, click here to read it. Today I want to share with you a few quick things about how I make sure that social media remains my servant and not my master.

Control social media instead of it controlling you. I love social media just as much as you do. I believe it is a great tool to connect with people and to influence the way people think.

It can also be a great time waster. This is also true with any technology or gadget.

Here is the big idea today:

Let technology and social media be your servant and not your master.

Allow it to obey you and not the other way around. Using the principle of the time blocks that I mentioned in this post, I include time to check my Facebook, respond to comments and read the blogs I subscribe to via my RSS reader.

If I am working on a project, I intentionally close out every single social media tab that I can on my web browser.

None of them are opened until the alloted time.

I even turn off the sound ringer on my phone so as to create an atmosphere of minimum distraction and maximum productivity.

Question: What steps do you practically take to allow social media and technology to serve you and disallow it to master you? 

Bogdan Kipko

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