I Was Once Dead But Now Am Alive

This is an incredible story and a powerful testimony to the potency of prayer. Please take time out of your day to read this story today.  It is so satisfying to read something like this and know what kind of God saves us, what kind of God loves us and what kind of God cares for us.

Here is an excerpt from the actual story. I was moved to tears as I read it.

“On October 25, 2011 our family witnessed incredible power of faith and prayer, Gods hand physically touched us and our friends. We want to share this story with all of you to encourage you to trust God, have faith and pray!

On that day a two year old Matthew drowned in a pond behind the house. While being in the water he subconsciously called out for his mother, she heard his voice in her head calling her “Mommy where are you?”.

After not finding him at the garage where he was with his father she went towards the pond. Water was dark and calm. As she came closer Matthews body floated up to a surface. She screamed for help at the top of her lungs. Father rushed out of the garage and jumped in water. He pulled his son lifeless body out of the water and began performing CPR. As soon as first response personnel showed up they took over attempting to revive lifeless body. Father got on the phone with his brother. “Matthew drowned, ask everyone to pray” he said through tears. Despite numerous attempts Matthew was not showing any signs of life, no breathing, no heart beat. Matthew was pronounced “Dead”.

Please click here to visit the site to read all of the details.

Thank you Jesus for the miracles that you show us and thank you for the happiness that floods our hearts knowing you are a good God.

Question: Can you share a story about how God has mightily moved in your life or in the life of the people that surround you? 


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