I Need Your Help: Please Answer These Two Questions

November 10, 2011
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Thank you for coming to read the posts here on the blog and interacting with the content — I really appreciate it.

Right now, I am preparing to preach on the book of James. Specifically, I am studying from a biblical perspective what the topic of wisdom is all about. The specific passage that I am referring to can be found in Js. 3:13-18. Here is what I would like to ask you:Based on what you know about wisdom and the gospel, I would like your help in answering two questions:

1. How would you define “wisdom” in a few short sentences? What would you say?

2. How is wisdom related to the gospel

  • Your answers can be as short as you want or as expanded as you want to write.
  • I really appreciate your help!
  • Please use the comment area below this post to submit your answer.
  • I am very thankful for your thought contributions.
  • I will be checking in and interacting throughout the day!

Thank you!

Bogdan Kipko

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