How To Be Gospel-Governed (Series Conclusion)

This post is part of a series on what it means to live a Gospel-Governed life. Read the previous posts here , here, here and here.


If we are to live a life governed by the glorious gospel of Jesus the Christ, we need not seek behavior modification but rather a heart renovation.

Here are three ways we can be governed by the gospel:


1. Intentionality. We must make an intentional, Spirit-empowered effort to absolutely avoid all that serves as a hindrance to us in obeying God.

2. Intensity. As the psalmist exhorts, we must intensely“seek God with our whole heart” (Ps. 119:b). We can only seek God with a whole and undivided heart when it first has been shattered to pieces.

3. Restoration.  The restoration of the heart is inaugurated when we acknowledge the density of our depravity, the holiness of God and the atoning work of Jesus Christ in our place, for our sin, on the cross.

Jesus wants to make sure that as his disciples, we realize the radical nature of what it means to be gospel-governed.

If we are to live a gospel-governed life, we must be ready to authentically answer questions that have to do with the internal state of our soul.  

Here are 10 questions that will help us honestly assess the state of our current spiritual condition:

  1. Do I really understand what the gospel is? 
  2. Do I understand with my heart and not just theoretically what Jesus accomplished in my place on the cross? 
  3. Do I understand how my life can be gospel-governed? 
  4. Have I declared Jesus as Lord over every single part of my life? 
  5. Is bringing glory to Jesus the all-consuming factor behind everything I do in life? 
  6. Am I intentional about submitting all of my life to Jesus? 
  7. What area of my life do I need to make gospel-governed?
  8. What sin do I need to repent of/from? 
  9. What are the hindrances or obstacles that are preventing me from living a gospel-centered, gospel-governed life? 
  10. Do I understand that either I am living a gospel-centered life or I am not living a life at all?

May the gospel of Jesus Christ be the governing mechanism in us and may it be the exclusive and central source of life for us. 

Let us pursue wholeheartedly a gospel-governed life in which being consumed by following Jesus is the absolute epicenter of our entire existence. 

Question: What was one “take-away” or “aha” moment that you experienced during this series on a Gospel-Governed life? 


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8 responses to “How To Be Gospel-Governed (Series Conclusion)”

  1. B, thank you for that list of questions, Im about to answer them in a word doc for myself. I love your passion for a gospel governed life- its contagious, I want to be the same way. My aha moment is that I absolutely LOVE Jesus and want whole heartedly to follow him the way he has prepared for me, its going to hurt at times, but it will be the sweetest journey ever. Thank you for this series!

    1. Oksana — you are welcome — I am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. Valmariya Avatar

    B, I would have enjoyed the series even more if I was able to read beyond the first paragraph. It’s impossible to go beyond while reading on iPad. Since this is my primary device for blog reading, please figure a way to help poor iPad users. Thank you.

    1. Here you go! I hope this helped! I am still new at this wordpress thing but hopefully I can tweak it just right for an enjoyable reading (and commenting) experience!

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