How To Avoid A Potential FaceBook Faux Pas

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You may have noticed that Facebook has made a lot of changes to the way in which interaction is conducted. They are continuing to make changes. Because I know that many readers here come directly from Facebook, I want to share some information that I found to be very helpful.

I came across this article that I wanted to share with you. The information contained therein will definitely help you avoid a potential Facebook Faux Pas.

The article is entitled: The New Facebook: How To Take Control Of Your Privacy. Here is a brief excerpt:

Not everybody wants to share their life story on their profile, see their friends’ activities in real time or have their preferences in music, movies and reading shared as they’re consuming media.

But to Facebook’s credit, it has tread into a new level of sharing with some caution. In many ways, its privacy settings are more accessible. A new private activity log, for instance, allows you to review all past activity in one place to easily hide it from your Facebook Timeline, change the privacy setting on individual stories or delete posts altogether.

Click here to read the complete article.

It is unbelievable how many apps you may have accumulated and authorized on your Facebook profile. When I went in to my settings, I had forty one apps. I was not using thirty nine of them. It is good to do some house cleaning so to speak.

I hope this quick tip and link to an article can help you be as productive as possible on Facebook.

Question: What do you like about the new Facebook changes? How did the information in the article help you? 



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