Five Things To Consider Before You Quit Or Give Up


You are going through something in your life right now and you are absolutely ready to give up. You can’t take it anymore. It is just too frustrating and you are not seeing immediate results.

I want to encourage you today by saying the following: Do not quit or give up whatever “it” is. The situation you are in is temporary. It will pass. There is a specific reason why you are going through what you are going through. There is hope. Here are five things to consider before you quit or give up:

1. Jesus knows exactly what you are going through. There is never a single moment when the God of the universe does not care about your situation. He knows exactly what is going on in your life right now. The Scripture admonishes us to call out to Him. He is our source of hope and calm amidst the storms of life. Paul tells the Philippians (Php. 4:6): Do not be anxious. Whatever it is that remains the source of your frustration or hurt — let God know about it. His peace that surpasses even our most discerning understanding — will guard our heart, will calm our heart. The peace of God will envelop us. Never stop believing this. Cry out to God. He will hear you . He does hear you. He cares for you and cares about you.

Your situation does not determine your position with God. You are continuously His child and He loves you.

2. Character formation is difficult but valuable. Jesus said that one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much (Lk. 16:19). Maybe you want to quit your job. Maybe you want to quit your marriage. Maybe you want to quit loving people because they are impossible to love. You want to quit the sanctifying process in your life. You want to quit working on a certain relationship. You want to quit putting grace-empowered energy into loving others. I want to encourage you today. Do not quit and do not give up.

This is a process that God is putting you through so that you would look more like His Son Jesus, with every single day.

3. Look at obstacles in your life as opportunities for growth.

If God got you in it, God will get you through it.

You might want to get a higher paying job. You might be craving a more modern worship experience. You might already be done with trying to reach out to a person that is not reciprocating the love. Do not stop. Do not quit. Thrive and excel in the environment that God has put you in right now. Work as unto the Lord. Yes your boss is a Jewish Carpenter! God has given us every single divine blessing that we need in order to be incarnate Christ’s in our communities. We lack clarity of God’s presence in our life. That is the issue. But that does not mean He is not there, gentle like the wind, slowly forming and shaping us — so that we have the mind of Christ and the thoughts of Christ.

4. The gospel of Jesus is just as potent and powerful as it always was. The power of God and the efficiency of Christ’s work on the cross is not nullified because of your current situation. God is just as powerful and the Holy Spirit is just as active in your life. If you are feeling like that is not the case, then it is due time to cry out to God in repentance and seek restoration.

There is no situation too complex that has not already found its solution at the foot of Jesus’ cross. This is a truth that we must believe and preach to ourselves personally, every single day.

5. Show compassion to the people in your life who are going through a tough time. All of us are fighting a battle of some sort. Even when we are in Christ and He is in us. This fallen world does not make it easy. But we are not without hope. As fellow Christians, we must come alongside of those who are hurting, helping them by the power of the Holy Spirit. Maybe this means listening more and speaking less. Maybe this means not saying anything at all but just sitting and spending time with a hurting person. Maybe this means not pulling out Jesus-Jukes every single moment. This practically means looking at people through the lens that God uses to look at us.

God looks at us not as we are but as Christ is.

Compassion is not something you say, but something you show. Jesus constantly was filled with compassion and decidedly demonstrated this compassion to other people (Mk. 1:41; Mk. 6:34; Matt. 9:36 Matt. 20:34). We must do the same because we are striving to be like Jesus.

I am praying that these five things spurred you on to love and good works. I am praying that these truths would allow you to reconsider quitting or giving up. God is with us. God is with us. Jesus is alive and loves you. Jesus cares for you and will continue to take care of you.

Question: What has helped you personally not to quit or give up? Please share below in the comments and let us encourage one another today. 


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