Does Your Faith Look Like This?

Jesus said that there is a distinct difference between those who acknowledge Him as their Lord and those who do not. Jesus said that his genuine disciples will be recognized by their fruits (Matt. 7:16). Jesus said that his faithful followers hear his voice, heed his voice, understand his voice, know his voice, follow Him and He knows them personally (Jn. 10:27).

There is a difference between having a faith that is dormant or dominant, in your life.  There is a difference between having faith that produces fruit and faith that is falsely professed. First, we must understand that faith is a gift of God and a gift from God (Eph. 2:8). Second, we must understand that without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). What then is faith? Simply stated, faith is a holistic and wholehearted trust in God and His promises to us.

An authentic faith in God and in His promises will inevitably allow us to lead a life from a distinctly Christian position. God desires that we live a life by faith after we have been saved by His glorious gospel and because of His only Son Jesus Christ.

Many of us can claim that we have faith, residing in us. The question is, does that faith dominate us? Does this faith direct our existence? Here are ten characteristics of a resolved faith:

A resolved faith is:

1. Alive. It is not a dead faith, but rather dominant. It pulsates through every vein of our life. It is a faith that endures despite and against all human-inspired odds.

2. Active. It is a faith that activates a gospel-centered existence in our life. It is a faith that ignites a passion for Jesus in the people that surround you.

3. Demonstrated. It is a faith that is not easily missed or overlooked by others. It leaks out because you cannot contain it and others are unable to ignore it.

4. Devoted. It is a faith that brings about fervent devotion. This faith has a singular and exclusive focus: Bringing glory to Jesus and joy to people.

5. Functional. It is a faith that unites theory with practice. It is a faith that is downright tangible and almost touchable. This type of faith takes a dysfunctional person and ushers them into state of sanctified functionality.

6. Grounded. This faith finds its firm foundation in the truth of the gospel. This faith is perpetuated by Scriptural truths, empowered by the Holy Spirit and facilitated by Jesus. It is a resolute faith that serves as a funnel of grace which sustains the person individually and the people collectively.

7. Increasing. It is a faith that perpetually progresses from faith to faith. It is ever-increasing. It intensifies with each day.  It grows with each prayer. The natural disposition of this faith is growth, development, increase and enhancement. It is strengthened and built up by a passionate life lived out for Jesus and with Jesus.

8. Intentional. This faith allows you to live a life on purpose and with purpose. It is not coincidental or accidental but rather intentional and premeditated. This faith intentionally directs and appropriates every function of your existence.

9. Stable. It does not waver, tremble, quiver or shake. It is made up of resolute material, grounded upon the immovable foundation of a chief cornerstone. It is unbending during strong winds of adversity. It does not tremble like a leaf during trials and tribulations. It does not lose sight or focus during blinding storms of affliction.

10. Vigilante. This faith sees temptation from afar and demands that you flee from it. It remains sober when persuaded by the enemy. It remains clear-headed in the midst of a cloudy and polluted cultural climate.

This type of faith has at the epicenter Jesus  — as both your confessional and your functional Savior. It is a faith that is distinctly Christian in character and remains intensely practical in every sphere of life.

Question: What does a resolved faith practically look like for you? What else would you add to this list?


4 responses to “Does Your Faith Look Like This?”

  1. Bogdan, thank you for being the fresh voice in the midst of mixed and false messages that the media is full of. I agree with all the points that you mentioned. Usually, I like to hear 3 points, but you are stretching my mind… and… my time – lol
    Now, a distinctly Christian faith will praise the Lord in the midst of suffering and trial!!!
    Worshipping my God in the mundane routine of life – that’s what I would call a distinctively faithful way to live.

    1. Mariya — thank you for the encouragement! I agree with the way in which you define non-stop worship — it sometimes does not come natural — this is why we must be intentional about it!

  2. Still pondering the 10th point. For some reason it caught me by surprise. You’ve worded it very boldly and its challanging. Will definitely give me something to think about. 🙂

    1. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!

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