The Most Inexplainable Issue In The Church — Explained — Sort Of

January 26, 2012
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This post that went live Tuesday of this week, entitled: The Most Inexplainable Issue I Have Ever Faced In The Church caused quite a stir. The discussion about the post was rather lively and gracious. It was a really good sharpening session of various approaches to the issue.

One of the commenters provided some really good insight that speaks to and explains why this issue exists in the church. If you do not yet know what issue I speak of, click here to read the original post. The reason I want to post the comment front and center is simple: It hits at the crux of the matter and does so in a very succinct manner. Here we go:

This is the question/issue that I posed in the original post:

How come so many people put into question the person who Has been appointed by God to do the work of laboring in the Word?

How come so often people are quick to say things like: “I do not agree with your interpretation of this text” or “I do not believe or agree with what you are teaching me” — even though you are a student/scholar of the Word and have fully devoted your whole life to this calling?

I am speaking here specifically of a person who has a shepherds heart, loves his people and is fully and wholeheartedly submitting to the Chief Shepherd, Christ Jesus.

What is the reason that people have no problem trusting their mechanic, a musician, an athlete, a designer or a photographer — but quickly run into a huge issue when someone is pleading with them not about the next most exciting thing but the most important thing they will ever have to deal with — their life and how to live it for Jesus’ fame and for His glory?

Here is the insight my friend Denis provided to the conversation, which I think is worth reading through and paying attention to:

There is practically, I believe, only a few reasons why people hold to this mentality.

1. First, there is a lack of submission to God himself, therefore a lack of submission to His word. People tend to seek their own will in Scripture to justify their own long growing opinions without actually putting aside their “will” and submitting fully to the authority of scripture. “Not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord, but everyone who does the WILL of my father in heaven” (Matt.7:21). There is an acceptance of Christ as Savior but not an acceptance as Lord. Authority is not perceived when the heart is not submitted.

2. Second, since there is no submission to God and hence no authority, there arises the “this is your own interpretation of the text” phenomena. Psalms says that the word of God is purified seven times, refined like silver, and God has exalted His word above His name. If God has made such a high emphasis on his word and especially purified it seven times, then there is only one interpretation of scripture and there cannot be another. God made His word clear. It is absolute truth, and those who say otherwise, seek their own agenda.

3. Thirdly, people just don’t spend enough time in the word. They could have already submitted, and are seeking God’s will but they have not studied the text long enough and carefully enough to understand what it is saying. Scripture does not imply, it is explicit.

The hate is for the truth, not the preacher, for truth breaks our agenda and embraces God’s, and some wouldn’t want that.

I think the above are fair thoughts and a good addition to the discussion. I also believe that all other comments brought to the conversation were fair and gracious as well.

I do not mean to beleaguer the issue. I do think that it is too important not to notice.

Here is my question:

How can we remain faithful to Christ and still pursue the people in our life who are either adamantly opposed to or are lukewarm towards what the Word of God clearly states? 

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

Bogdan Kipko

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