Sermon Podcast: Three Cultural Shifts That Christians Cannot Ignore

FFL_IMAGE_LARGEThis is a sermon I preached at my church about three cultural shifts that Christians cannot ignore. For more gospel centered content, please visit:


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  1. Geoffrey Bray Avatar
    Geoffrey Bray

    Wow. This seems a bit bizarre and standard evangelicanism, if you will. Your first point is moral failure in the context of marriage but your only point is homosexuality and gay marriage. Really? Do you think that’s the biggest threat to marriage and the moral crisis in marriage? I’m speechless.

    I think maybe I’d start with divorce. And talk about something the Bible says that God hates. Not that God hates those affected by divorce … he hates the sundering of those joined together in God. Over 50% of Christian marriages end in divorce. And nothing we’ve done in the last 50+ years has done squat to change that.

    Maybe next I’d talk about people living together. And for plenty of people now … it’s not a warm up before marriage. It’s not to see if they’re compatible (both of which totally miss God’s heart on this issue) … they’re doing it with no idea of commitment. And that’s fine to have children in this context and have no real plans of commitment or being together.

    So, when you talk about kids needing a mom and a dad … maybe you start with something WAY more statistically significant and talk about all of the broken homes.

    I’m not saying that homosexuality isn’t an issue to be addressed … I’m saying that as a culture we have no idea and no examples of what a marriage in Christ actually looks like. And I mentioned divorce … but that doesn’t even begin to touch all of the terrible marriages. Maybe one of the reasons that a lot of people don’t want to get married is because they haven’t seen much that they’re interested in.

    And I’m not trying to crack or speak ill of people who have been divorced. I’m saying as believers we have to get a grip on what it means to follow and walk with Jesus and to walk that out with our spouses in a way that demonstrates to the world what a Christian marriage looks like.

    Just something to consider.

    1. Geoffrey hi – great points and I agree with you. This was not an exhaustive list or a sermon that would cover all the issues. I believe that what it did cover are cultural shifts that cannot be ignored. But there is much more to be said than what was included. I want to get the conversation started so that we can discuss and come up with solutions. Also, the 50% divorce rate among Christians is a myth and has been debunked (see here:

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting – let’s continue the conversation.

      1. Geoffrey Bray Avatar
        Geoffrey Bray

        I always appreciate your gracious response and willingness to converse … which seems to be becoming a rarity in our American culture these days.

        I have a thought or two about your switch from blogging to podcasting but wasn’t able to find an email address for you on this website or on your church’s website to have a conversation about that.

        1. Absolutely – my goal is to have a robust discussion and we can disagree agreeably. I always say that I don’t have to agree with you to be friends with you.

          I didin’t necessarily “switch,” to podcasting, I simply added it as an additional content channel. I hope you are enjoying it. Would love to hear your thoughts, you can email me: Blessings!

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