Links Of The Week (Oct 10 – 14, 2011)

As I am continuing my reading in the book of Isaiah, I am focusing more and more on the glory of God and the character of God. This is partly the inspiration of the posts from this week. My sincere hope is that our contemplation on the glory of God will motivate us to demonstrate a more sincere worship of God.

Thank you for coming to the blog. Thank you for reading, sharing and subscribing. I really appreciate it. I hope the content here helps you in some small measure. Here are the links from this week:

  1. Ten Ways To Gain And Maintain Maximum Clarity In Your Life
  2. Why A Garden Is Integral To Our Salvation
  3. How Far Can You Go To Still Consider It Distinctly Christian
  4. The Danger Of Daring To Question God
  5. The Most Mind Blowing Life Altering Words I Read All Week

Question: What one post stood out for you this week and what about it did you enjoy?


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