Four Alarming Signs That You Are Far Too Busy


We live in a crazy world where we want¬†everything¬†yesterday, two weeks ago and if it’s¬†on¬†time, it’s too late. We have these small devices in our pockets and purses that control us with buzzing, beeping, blinking and vibrating. Our plates are full, we are bursting at the seams and no one seems to throw in the towel or stick a fork in it.¬†Here are four¬†alarming¬†signs that you are far too busy:

1. You Have No Time To Read Your Bible. If the only time you are digging into your daily Word is when you are exhausted at night or during the rush-hour line at your local coffee shop, you are too busy. You have to say no to something. In fact, you may have to say not to multiple things. The reason that anxiety and frustration is begging to overtake you in life is not because there is something wrong with God. It is because there is something wrong with you. You have completely neglected the Source of Life. The great thing is that there is hope. Get back into your Bible today and give God your best, not after you are done with the rest.

The problem is not God giving us too much but rather we have given too much to ourselves.

2. You Have Zero Patience And Tolerance For Everyone In Your Life. Everyone seems to annoy you. There is no one that can do right in your eyes. Your spouse, your family members, your co-workers, your church members and even the innocent barista who haphazardly gave you three espresso shots instead of four are all ready to receive a karate chop to the neck from you. This is a sign that you are burned out. See what you can cut out from your life and you will be glad you did. So too will everyone else.

We have completely forgotten that we are human beings and have been fed the lie that we are human doings.

3. You Are On A Steady Diet Of Pure Junk. This includes Red Bull to keep you awake, fast food to keep you fed and a Netflix binge to keep you entertained. You were created by a creative God to live in a rhythm of rest and resurgence. You¬†won’t¬†be able to sustain this pace for too long. Take it from someone who did just that and experienced a horrible burn-out. You are far too valuable to the people in your life to do this to yourself. You will have a difficult¬†time¬†bringing value to others in your life if you are feeding on garbage, constantly.

4. You Are Too Tired To Fall Asleep. This needs to alarm you. There was only two times that I felt this way. One was after my¬†sister-in-laws wedding when I took too much upon myself and ended up being so¬†exhausted, that I couldn’t even fall asleep. Another was from a church event that I did where so much was involved, I can’t even remember the details right now. The point is this: If you don’t get¬†rest, rest will eventually get you. If you don’t take a Sabbath, a Sabbath will be imposed on you.

Sometimes, the godliest thing you can do is to take a nap. Jesus did.

This year, I made one commitment. I committed to one word. The word is margin. That is exactly what I need.

Say no to good things, so you can say yes to great things.

You will be glad you did.

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Question: What other alarming signs would you add to this list that indicate you are far too busy?


5 responses to “Four Alarming Signs That You Are Far Too Busy”

  1. Thank you. Good one. I personally notice, when I am too busy, I not finishing things or finishing with not such a good quality

    1. Andrew hi – exactly, this tends to happen and we begin to produce work that is sub-par. We need to work smarter, not harder.

  2. Wow, Bogdan – did yoy write this post just for me? Man, I was able to echo your thoughts in so many ways. I’m going to be more intentional this year and try to spend more time with the Word and use my margin to connect with God.

    1. That’s awesome Paul! We all need to apply this advice in our life. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I thought it was Do it Now…

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