It’s Official. We Are Going Forward To Reach Irvine For Jesus

Hi guys,

I am so excited to let you know about the expansion of our ministry.



Beginning Sunday March 29 at 10:30am, we are launching a brand new worship experience, specifically designed and strategically located to reach Irvine and surrounding areas.

We are naming this brand new worship experience Forward Church because it describes exactly the movement that God is perpetuating within this community.

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We are going forward with the gospel of Jesus, to a context in need of radical redemption.

I have spent the last ten years working in the business and entrepreneurial world and in a local church.

This has given me an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with people who never darkened the door of a traditional church.

I feel like God has been preparing me for this very moment during this last decade.

There is this unwavering and undisputed call that I have in my life to preach the gospel, to share the message of Jesus and to help others realize that there is no other god that can give you joy and contentment in your life, except for Jesus.

This is also why I believe that now is the time to reach young professionals, young families, business people and entrepreneurs in the place that some call the Second Silicon Valley, Irvine California.
But why launch another gathering when there are so many amazing gospel-centered communities in South Orange County?

Over 3 million people live in Orange County.There are many amazing churches in existence already.

Even if all the churches in South Orange County reached their maximum capacity in attendance, there would still be over 80% of the population who are not followers of Jesus.

That is roughly over 2 million people.

This speaks volumes to the fact that we need more new gatherings and more communities that would go forward to reach more people for Jesus.

No matter how connected the young professionals and entrepreneurs are, there is still a sense of loneliness and lack of authentic community that shapes their daily life.This is why the Forward Church will be strategically located in order to shape, form and cultivate real life community so that the narrative that God has written for each person would visibly be realized.

  • More than 10k people live within 3 miles of the location of Forward Church.
  • The largest demographic of people living in Irvine is aged 18–24 (31.44%)
  • Coming in at a close second is aged 25-44 (24.1%).
  • 40 percent of those people work in the Irvine Spectrum Area which is in the heart and epicenter of where the church facility is located.
  • Irvine was named the best-run city in the U.S. by 24/7 Wall Street
  • Irvine is ranked as the fifth best place to live in America
  • Irvine is consistently ranked as the safest city in the United States. 
With all of it’s glory and impressive statistics, Irvine is a dark place because an overwhelming majority of people living there are not followers of Jesus.
What does it matter if Irvine gains the whole world but loses it’s soul by not acknowledging Jesus as Lord.
This is why I believe with all of my heart that the relentless and resolute call placed within me is to reach the people of Irvine and it’s surroundings with the message of Jesus.
The vision of Forward Church is simple: We are a community of faith, centered around Jesus. We want to help people realize the promise of God’s good news, for every part of their life. 

Having said that, here are some practical and logistical details:

We covet your prayers for every one of these items because we believe that Jesus can do and will do far more than we have ever imagined.

  • By God’s grace, we have secured an amazing space in which to gather, about three blocks from The Irvine Spectrum Center.
  • The address is 90 Pacifica, Irvine CA 92618.
  • The folks over at Irvine Spectrum Double Tree Hotel were gracious enough to allow us to use one of their beautiful spaces to hold our worship services in.
  • If you know anything about The Irvine Company or The City Of Irvine, this in and of itself is a huge miracle and we thank God for that. 
  • We are so pumped about Shea Dalton joining us as one of our worship leaders. Please be in prayer for Shea and our other worship leaders as they prepare to lead people in the worship of the true and living God.
  • We also received news that another solid young guy is basically taking a huge step of faith and moving across the country from the East Coast to Southern California to be a part of this community. Paul Kostyukov will be helping me with many of the pastoral duties. Please be in prayer for Paul as he transitions.
  • Our first official gathering will happen on Sunday March 29, beginning at 10:30am. 
  • Our Easter Celebration Service will happen the following Sunday April 5th, at 10:30am.
  • We will have regular Sunday Worship Experiences every Sunday at 10:30am. 

We want to be a community where the Orange County myth of building an image for yourself is debunked and real, raw and authentic community is fostered among people.

We want to be a community of different looking sinners, in need of the same looking cross.
We want to be a church where indifferent Christians begin to move forward with their faith and those that don’t know Jesus, would get to know him on a personal level as their Savior And Friend.
Most of all, we want to rally around a risen Savior – Jesus Christ and boldly follow Him wherever He leads. 
The best is yet to come (Eph. 3:20-21).
In Christ,
Bogdan Kipko.


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