FFL 013: My Interview With Host Of Live From Seattle Doug Bursch





On the thirteenth episode of The Fuel For Life Podcast, I interview radio host and pastor Doug Bursch from Seattle Washington. Doug loves the local church and is convinced that although community can be messy, Jesus loves His Bride – the church.


In the interview, I ask Doug about the following topics:

Why he devoted an entire broadcast of one of his shows because of a blog post written by Donald Miller. Read that post and listen to the broadcast by clicking here.

What he thinks about Christian Celebrity

What his take is on when people in the church are disobedient – is it always the leaders fault or not?

Plus, I ask Doug a series of lighting round questions that I know you will want to listen to.

To connect with Doug, read his blog by clicking here. Connect with Doug on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Question: What did you think of the interview? Jump into the comments and start the conversation. 


3 responses to “FFL 013: My Interview With Host Of Live From Seattle Doug Bursch”

  1. Dan Behrens Avatar
    Dan Behrens

    Great interview. Appreciate the conversation. I actually pastor with Doug at Evergreen Foursquare in Auburn WA. Great piece, and keep up the good work with all you’re doing.

    1. That is great Dan, thank you for your encouragement. You are in great company there with Doug – I really appreciate his insight and leadership.

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