FFL 006: My Exclusive Interview With Alexei Ledyaev: Pastor, Church Planter And Movement Maker (Part One)


Hello friends, on this episode of Fuel For life, I am excited to share with you part one of my exclusive interview with Alexei Ledyaev. Pastor Alexei is a church planter, a movement maker and has impacted many people around the world. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this.

This podcast episode will be almost all in Russian. So if you speak Russian that is great. If you don’t, I will try to get a translated transcript of both parts of the interview soon.

Here are the questions that I asked Pastor Alexei in the first part of our interview together:

  1. What are the latest projects that you are working on and specifically what is going on with your church in Riga.
  2. What do you think about New Calvinism, which is one of the ten ideas that is changing and shaping the world right now, according to Time Magazine.
  3. You are constantly creating new projects and coming up with new ideas. How do you keep the creative process going and where do all of your ideas come from? What advice do you have for creatives in any sphere to keep those creative juices flowing?
  4. Why is it that in many Slavic churches, people think that if they are not on stage, then they don’t really need to do anything in the church? How do you overcome this issue with people?
  5. How can you help people find what they are gifted in so that they can develop that gift and use it to the glory of God?
  6. Why do many leaders in ministry burn out because of some sort of moral/spiritual/physical failure and leave the ministry? What specifically can young leaders do right now to avoid this disaster and focus on finishing well?
  7. If you were to sit down and have coffee with a 25 year old Alexei right now, what would you say to him and what advice or counsel would you provide for him?

You can listen to Part One of my interview with Pastor Alexei directly on this blog post by clicking the play button on the podcast player. You can also listen to this episode via iTunes by clicking here. You can also listen to the podcast via Stitcher Radio or Zune simply by searching: Fuel For Life in your app.

Trust me – you don’t want to miss part two of my exclusive interview with Pastor Alexei. In the second part of our interview, I asked the following questions and Alexei had a response for each one:

  • What is up with all those YouTube videos that everyone seems to focus on when anyone talks about your ministry. Has anything changed since then?
  • How do you handle critics and what do you do to recharge and refresh from doing ministry work?
  • How do you keep your romance alive with your wife and what do you recommend to the couples that are listening to the show?
  • What is the next big thing that you are working on in New Generation
  • Plus, a few more very candid moments Alexei will share with us – all of this and more in the second part of my interview with Pastor Alexei coming soon – so stay tuned!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

My new book Forward, click here.

Pastor Alexei’s personal blog, click here.

Pastor Alexei’s church website, click here.

Question: What did you think of part one of the interview? What questions would you ask Alexei if you were interviewing him? 



5 responses to “FFL 006: My Exclusive Interview With Alexei Ledyaev: Pastor, Church Planter And Movement Maker (Part One)”

  1. 23:30 “Apostle James?” That’s James The Least he’s referring to, Jesus’ half brother, who was not one of the 12 Apostles

    1. What was said though?

  2. Thanks for this interview Bogdan. Yes, I have heard about Ledyaev and it’s great to listen to his responses to your questions. I’m especially looking forward to part 2!

  3. Nice interview

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