FFL 005: Five Listener Questions That I Answer


In this episode of Fuel For Life, I answer five listener questions ranging from sermon preparation to using social media effectively. This was a fun way to interact with you guys and I am sure I will do it again. Here are the five questions that were asked. Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear the answers:

  1. Yevgeniy Kovanelnko asked:

    What does your sermon prep look like? Do you prefer to preach topical, exegetical or going through Books of the Bible? 

  2. Caleb Suko asked:

    How can you respectfully and tactfully deal with the tradition of legalism in the church? 

  3. Ed Puzankov asked:

    What are some daily/practical activities you do to keep yourself Christ-centered that you can recommend besides praying and reading the Bible?

  4. Russ Fayar asked:

    How can social media help to reach our generation with the Gospel and what is in your opinion the best social media approach to do just that?

  5. Brandon Vaara asked:

    What is the back story behind your book? What motivated it and why did you write it? 

Resources I mention in the show:

  • Ecosystem Journal click here
  • Picture of my sermon prep sample click here and here
  • How to preach from an iPad – click here
  • My general thoughts about preaching – click here
  • Top ten mistakes public speakers make – click here

Thank you for listening.

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4 responses to “FFL 005: Five Listener Questions That I Answer”

  1. Thanks for including my question Bogdan! I’ll be listening to your answer tomorrow.

    1. Thank you for listening Caleb!

  2. Great questions and fantastic answers!!! Loved gaining wisdom from them.

    1. Thank you Dan, glad you enjoyed it!

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