Your Team Is Headed For A Catastrophe Without These Twenty Things

January 19, 2012
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A healthy team is a unified team. A healthy team, although highly desired is not naturally produced. Healthy teams are formed not inherently conceived.

You might be on a team with small group leaders. It might be a church leadership team. It might be a team within a department in your organization. If you want to achieve greatness within your team and with your team, there are certain signs that need to be evident. Without these twenty things, your team is headed for a catastrophe:


  1. Team members filter all decisions and interactions with one another through a distinctly gospel-centered lens.
  2. Each team member has a strong desire to achieve unilateral unity despite differences in methodology or secondary matters.
  3. Confession and repentance to one another exists and actively practiced.
  4. Team members speak to one another about an issue rather then speaking about the issue with people who are not concerned by it.
  5. Team members are in active agreement about the mission of their existence.
  6. Team members aggresively curb their own personal ambitions and agendas for the sake of the gospel.
  7. Team members are active listeners of one another despite grand-canyon sized differences in approach to doing work.
  8. Team members have relational not mechanical friendships.
  9. Team members find time to see and spend time with one another outside of a meeting/task oriented context.
  10. Team members actually enjoy the presence of one another.
  11. Team members embrace punctuality and respect the time constraits of one another.
  12. Team members realize the strengths of each other member on the team.
  13. Team members understand role clarity and allow those who are gifted to lead that which they are gifted to lead.
  14. Team members approach everything through the filter of Scripture and not the filter of tradition.
  15. Team members do not accept rebukes or coaching personally but rather in humility accept the correction
  16. Team members are honest about their alignment with the team leader.
  17. Team members are authentic about their intent and upon departure, do so with grace and peace.
  18. Team members are open to new ideas and listen to suggestions without a negative bias.
  19. Team members do not look at one another as opposition.
  20. Team members do not hold to tribal dichotomy but realize that they are all on the same team, with one mission, serving Jesus for His fame, not their own.

Question: What else would you add to this list? What other things must be absolutely present for a team to do the work it has been called to accomplish? 



Bogdan Kipko

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