Ten Ways To Tell If You Are Doing The Will Of God


I remember attending a youth conference about fifteen years ago. Since many did not own a cellphone, we had to do the Q&A session, the old school way. Using paper and pen (gasp). These questions would then be passed up to the front for the speaker to answer. I distinctly remember that most of the questions being asked were all about behavior modification. Can I do this? Can I do that? How far can I go here? Etc.

Another big question that was top of mind was about the will of God. Young people always want to look ahead and find out what God has for them, in the future.

The advice given was generally good:

  • Pray that God would tell you what career you should choose.
  • Pray that God will prepare for you, your future spouse.
  • Pray that God would reveal to you, what your spiritual gifts are.

The problem with these answers is that they did not focus on the nature and character of who God is.

The selfishness of our question comes in when we want to figure out what God wants to do with your life, instead of finding out what God has already willed for us to do in the life that He personally created for us.

God’s will is often treated like a magic eight ball. If you shake it¬†vigorously¬†enough, you will get an answer. God is often treated¬†like a vending machine. If the¬†choice you wanted gets stuck, just use force and keep shaking the machine, until you get what you want.

The problem with this approach is that our focus is top of mind instead of God’s plan being top of mind.

The will of God is not some sort of ethereal, abstract realm –¬†inaccessible¬†by ordinary human beings. Not at all. In fact, the will of God for¬†every¬†person is actually quite¬†simple. If all we did was focus on what we already know the will of God is – and continued to accomplish it in our every day life – all other questions and uncertainties would be resolved on their own. Less stress and anxiety for us.

So here we go.

I want to list ten things that are God’s will for your life. If you are doing any of these things, I want to congratulate you — already, you are a¬†part¬†of God’s will. Being in the center of it, however is a whole different thing.

1. That You Were Born. You are not an accident. If you are reading this, know that you are already in some way, accomplishing the will of God. He made you. He created you.

Before the foundation of the earth, He thought to put you on this earth.

If you have breath in your lungs, God has a plan for your life.

2. That You Will Die. It is appointed for every human being to die once and then, stand before their Maker. This is inevitable. It will happen. If you know that your death is impending, should that not motivate you to love Jesus with your entire heart, mind, soul and strength – while you are here on earth? The very fact that you are a mere mortal already testifies to you being a part of God’s ¬†will.

3. That You Believe In Christ Jesus. Here is what it means.

4. That You Will Grow. We know that as Jesus progressed in years, He grew in wisdom, in stature and in favor – with God and man.

My question(s) to you is this:

  1. Are you imitating Jesus?
  2. Have you grown in the last week, month, year?
  3. Would people around you say that you have progressed in your growth, spiritually?
  4. Do you love Jesus today, more than you did yesterday?

If the answer is yes, then you are already accomplishing the will of God for your life.

Just recently, I texted someone and told them how much they have grown and matured in the past few years. I can’t believe that the same person who I am communicating with now, was a completely different person when I just met them.

When you are growing and maturing, this is a good indication that you are in the¬†center of God’s will.

5. That You Will Get Married. Yes. Statistically, the odds are ever in your favor. Don’t¬†believe me? Read this.

6. That You Obey And Respect All Authority.

How you respond to authority will determine your legacy.

Jesus was God and He still washed the feet of His disciples – a task reserved for the lowliest of servants. Being under Godly authority is not a curse but a blessing. It is actually the best thing for you, to have authority over you. Submission is not a swear word. God wills for you to obey, respect and submit to the authority figures in your life. Whether that is your boss, your employer, your pastor, your husband, or any civil or governmental authorities.

When you demonstrate submission – you are accomplishing the will of God.

7. That You Are Involved In A Local Church. This is absolutely a part of God’s will. Find out why, here.

8. That You Trust And Obey Scripture. The Bible is God’s love letter written to you.

Jesus is the hero of the Bible, not you.

But this is the best thing for you. God’s will is that we do what He wills. We must fall in love with the Scriptures. You don’t fall in love with someone by not spending any time with them. Set up a time and read your Bible consistently. I help people develop this habit here.

9. That You Will Lead. Whether you lead a small group, a family, a church, an employee or your favorite pet, you are by definition, already a leader. The question is Рare you a good one?

Leaders who lead well, are led well.

Seek out mentors in your life who will press in to your life. God’s will is for you to lead. Who will you lead and to what?

10. That You Do Everything For The Glory Of God.

I was in a coffee shop with a friend recently. The guy behind the counter forgot to give us our pastry upon our order. After we already started talking, I remembered the sweet goodness that was left behind. As I walked back to the counter, to submit my humble request – a situation unfolded. The person who helped us said to me the following: I am off the clock and can’t help you. His co-worker swooped in to save the day.

The will of God for you is this:

Do everything as if you are doing it for God, because you are!

Serve the people in front of you, regardless of how much or how little you are getting paid.

Be awesome, instead of average.

Do the best job possible.

Wow your atmosphere.

If you can’t do your day job faithfully, you will not be able to accomplish your dream job, excellently.

Congratulations Рyou now know the will of God for your life.

Put way the eight ball, step away from the vending machine and engage your life, wide awake.

For Jesus fame and glory.

Question: What is the will of God for your life? Has this subject every confused you? How did you realize what the will of God is for your life? How can you help others discover this as well? 


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