Why You Are Not A Smashing Success Just Yet: Reason One

Before God can use you greatly, He will wound you deeply. This deep wound comes from an experience you will have in your life.

This trial in your life, albeit painful — will produce integrity and character that might have otherwise never been cultivated. Here is the first reason why you are not a smashing success just yet.

Reason One:

You Are Not Able To Humbly Handle Fame.

If today you became the most financially prosperous person you know — chances are — you would not be able to be a faithful steward of these resources.

If today, you appeared on every single media outlet in North America — chances are — your head might explode and leave much collateral damage in the wake of your expedient success.

Add in your own success story in your field of expertise — and the same principle applies

Whether it is speaking, photography, sports, music, business or ministry.

Your character and integrity are developed not in the limelight but rather in relative obscurity with zero fans and even less affirmation.

But without character and integrity, you wont be able to handle the limelight and surely will be crushed if relative obscurity becomes an ever present reality.

Tomorrow, I want to talk about the second reason for why you are not a smashing success just yet.

Question: What do you think the reason is that we go through so many trials —  before God allows us to step in to a position of authority and influence? You can leave a comment below. 


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