What The Aftermath Looks Like

This past Sunday night, I set out to do the most audacious thing I have ever attempted in the history of this blog. My reason for doing this was first and foremost to provide a huge benefit to you personally. This is why this blog exists and this is why I write — it is my primary motivation. I sincerely appreciate you as the reader and I am truly excited about every single interaction that we have.

I invited you to The Launch Of Your New Life. This was an event that would change your life, forever. One of the invited guests said that this was an extremely bold claim on my part. I did not disagree but rather affirmed this statement. I also said that this claim was not ungrounded. What transpired since this post went live Monday at 3:00am was monumentally mind-blowing.

I was absolutely overwhelmed with the response that this post received. Seeing, reading and viewing the feedback was probably the most humbling experience in my entire tenure as a person who writes for the benefit of other people.

I want to share with you what the aftermath looks like. I use the word aftermath in the most positive way. The event participation was absolutely staggering.

I share this with you because every single piece of information you will find below represents a live person for whom Jesus died on the cross in our place for our sin. This information represents people who are hungry to help hurting people. I believe that if the information presented in the post is applied to the situations in your life — with the people in your life — the results will be exemplary in nature.

Here are some stats regarding the post that went live Monday:

  • Over 383 people read the post
  • People came from 72 different cities, representing 9 different countries
  • This post was shared a total of 38+ times on Facebook

The comments and interaction that happened both here and on Facebook was live, real and authentic.

Thank you for coming to this event, I really appreciate it!

Thank you for commenting, sharing, interacting and reading!

My sincere prayer was and still is that this information would and will literally change your life.

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Together, we are learning to live and lead with purpose — for the fame of Jesus’ name — and for the benefit of the people in our lives.

Question: What was your one “take-away” or “aha” moment that you experienced? Share this in the comments below this post. 



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  1. I love stats!

    1. Mariya — sounds good! (: — it was a great turn-out!

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