The Greatest Heist In The History Of Humanity


They were living the dream. Perfection surrounded them. The environment suited them. Everything you could ever want. As much as you want. No guilt. No shame. Only pleasure and satisfaction. Always. They got a bit too comfortable. Then it happened: The Heist.

It was a robbery. In broad day light. Theft. They were ripped off. Given a counterfeit. Provided with a knock-off. They took the bait. The heist was final.

But not for long.

The Maker of the dream would not allow His plan to be derailed. The greatest heist was met by the greatest Healer.

In the Garden of Eden, man looked away from God and denied His responsibility. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus looked toward God and accepted an undeserved responsibility.

So that we could have an ability to look to God again and live for God forever.

So even though the heist was thwarted, we are still living with the influence from it.

Every day, you and I can become bystanders of a heist that does not need to happen.

Sin is more about what we fail to do, instead of what we do.

We are born sinners, by nature and choice. Our best works without Jesus are the worst of works before Jesus. The same enemy who was lurking in paradise, continues to lurk away, wherever He finds those who are worshiping the great Healer, the great heist Eliminator.

The more you will pursue Jesus and the more victory you will experience in your life – the more the enemy will attack you. He will attempt to throw you knock-offs and counterfeits.

Just so that you could take the bait.

But you do not have to.

Whatever it is that you are going through, know this: You will make it, because Jesus did.

1. Relationships. The great heist creator tries to rob you of your peace. But because Jesus creates peace, you do not fall for the counterfeit option. Relationships thrive when we put aside what someone deserves and respond by giving them what they need.

2. Worship. The great heist initiator tries to steal your worship. He tries to divert your attention to something temporal, instead of the eternal. This is where we preach the gospel to ourselves. We proclaim it publicly and privately. We claim it in our prayer closet and in our work space. Jesus is sufficient, despite anything that the culture is trying to teach me.

3. Shame and Guilt. Our past is a part of us, but it does not define us. We are not what has been done to us, but rather what has been done for us – by the One who is all about us. The Bible¬†teaches us that we are God’s masterpiece. He finds delight in us. He saves us to love us, forever. Jesus took our shame and guilt – and gave us his¬†righteousness¬†and holiness. That was the great exchange that no heist can ever imitate.

  • We were once dead, but God made us alive.¬†
  • We were once¬†trespassers, but now we are Kingdom inheritors.¬†
  • We were once going to live and die. But now, we will die and live.¬†
  • We were once doers of¬†lawlessness, but now are workers of righteousness.
  • We were once ruled by the spirit of this world, but now are ruled¬†by the Spirit who created the world.¬†

The greatest heist in the history of humanity, was reversed by the Healer of Humanity.

Question: How are you personally believing that Jesus is better than any heist that comes your way? What are you going through today that you can overcome, with the help of the great Healer? 




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