The Relevance Of A Right Relationship

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As human beings, we characteristically crave, cultivate and covet relationships. Some of our relationships are built on a solid foundation; others are strained or limping, always looking for a crutch. We either pursue a relationship with someone or we attempt to do anything but accidentally plow into someone’s company or presence. When we see certain people, we either naturally gravitate towards them or we aggressively attempt to escape any form of contact. Unfortunately, some relationships tend to resemble a fashion accessory rather than a legitimate liaison with another person. Some people tend to solicit comfort buddies who will assist them in various social situations. Others digress from developing any type human relativity substituting various social media vehicles for their non-stop communication convulsions.

Regardless of what type of relationships you create or corrupt with others, the fact of the matter is that we are relational beings. So how relevant is having a right relationship with someone? In human terms, we tend to think that with some people we have a relationship, whatever the character, and with others we don’t have a relationship. With God however, this fleshly and fallible creatural logic does not apply. The question is not if you have a relationship with God but more accurately put – what kind of relationship do you currently have with God? In fact, every single person on this planet already has a relationship with God, whether they are conscientious to admit it or not. The question is, what kind of a relationship do you personally have with the Creator of this Universe?

Everyone already by default has a relationship with the Righteous One. Every single person on this earth already has a relationship with their Maker in one form or another. The question is if they have a right relationship. How relevant is that? And how does an individual come into a right relationship with the omnipotent Jehovah?

The resolution is repentance. Repentance is not simply asking Jesus into your heart or praying a prayer because you feel bad about yourself. Repentance is not something you do to suppress feelings of guilt that are building up inside of you and are waiting to explode into an emotional catastrophe.

Repentance is about realizing with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit how wretched, sick and vile your sin is. Repentance is realizing how absolutely depraved and destroyed your life is if it were not for Christ who died in your place, for your sin, on the cross. Repentance is the unquenchable desire to rid yourself of all satanic and diabolic bondage in which you were held captive. Repentance is not about getting a spiritual upgrade or simply to experience warm and fuzzy feelings. It is coming to a stark realization of how detestable your sin is, how debasing your lifestyle is and how disgusting and revolting you are to God before He has forever cleansed you with the blood of the slain Lamb.

Question: How relevant is having a right relationship for you personally? With Jesus and with the people that surround you? 



2 responses to “The Relevance Of A Right Relationship”

  1. Having a right relationship with everybody is crucial!
    I need God’s wisdom to be flexible enough to form new and efficient relationships. Being genuine, honest, kind, loving and humble – vital to build up healthy relationships.
    Reading the Bible regularly helps me to understand more who God is. The more I know about him, the better my relationship with Him gets.

    1. Mariya – good points you elude to — but — is it really possible to have a “right” relationship with everyone? Paul says to the Romans the following: If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all (Rom. 12:18). The operative phrase being “if possible.” This is what I use as my gauge for relationships and my approach to them. With some people, no matter what you do or do not do, you will not be able to have a good relationship. And that is ok — someone else in their life will have that relationship — and so will you, with others — so no need to lose sleep over it — so long as you are demonstrating a gospel-centered perspective in all that you do.

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