The Neglected God

There are usually two camps in Christianity and their approach to the Holy Spirit. One camp places an inordinate emphasis on the Holy Spirit while the other, rarely if ever, even mentions the third person of the Trinity.

Some people go as far as to have their own version of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Bible. How do we reverse this tragic neglect of either the over-emphasized God or the under-appreciated God?  We know about it but do not know what to do with it.  To begin, we first need to understand the unique nature of the Holy Spirit.


Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to His disciples. Here is what he had to say in relation to this:

If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever. (Jn. 14:15-16).

We learn from this text the following five things:

1. Jesus tells his disciples that if they are ever in need of assistance, all they need to do is ask for help.

2. Jesus promises his disciples that he will send them a helper. Someone who will help them, be an advocate on behalf of them and provide counsel to them.

3. Jesus says that the supportive agency of this helper is contingent upon them obeying his commandments.

4. Jesus qualifies the gracious receipt of benefits from the helper come only to those who love Jesus by demonstrating accompanied obedience.

5. When Jesus said the word another, he did not mean different. He meant identical. This word means another as in exact, identical, specific and without any difference to the first. When Jesus would leave earth, he would send us His Holy Spirit. A Holy Spirit which would not at all differ from the divine Son.

Jesus was the genesis of what a helper is. Jesus was the original giver of comfort. Jesus was always the unique advocate. In a way, we now have two helpers: God the Son who is seated at the right hand of God and God the Holy Spirit, supplying us with power, here on earth.

The Holy Spirit permeates our life and remains permanent in our life. Jesus himself said that this helper will be with us forever.

These are eternal truths that can be firmly trusted. These are ever-present realities to be reveled in. It is a fact of the Christian life that should cause us to rejoice unceasingly and offer up gratitude to God perpetually.

Question: What about the Holy Spirit do you enjoy the most? How do practically let Him guide and lead your life? 


2 responses to “The Neglected God”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Holy Spirit. I have read quite a few books in the last few years and I am so much more aware of his work in my life. At first I had no idea what letting the Holy Spirit guide me would look or feel like but when you are in an intimate relationship with Jesus you learn to trust him with your decisions and you learn to listen to his prompting which he sends through the HS. I find that when I am in tune with God and what he is saying through the Word then I can feel when the HS is prompting me to do something or say something. I think it just takes time though because I am much more aware of him today then I was a year ago.

    1. Oksana — good thoughts — thank you! Which book on the HS was your favorite? Anything you can recommend to the community?

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