Ten Thoughts About The City That Never Sleeps

Twenty years ago, my family and I landed in JFK airport in New York. It was the beginning of an exciting new journey for all seven of us. Much has happened since then. God has been gracious to us – every single day after stepping upon American soil. 

For the first time in twenty years, I had the phenomenal chance to visit again this wonderful city along with my beautiful wife. I want to share ten initial thoughts about the city that never sleeps. A short photo essay will follow as well:

Here are ten thoughts about New York City. This is coming from an absolute first timer — going to this city:

  1. Most NY’ers are pretty nice people. They are all just in a huge hurry to get somewhere. Not unlike everywhere else in the world.
  2. If I lived in New York, I would probably not be too excited about using the subway system every single day.
  3. It is not as difficult as one may think to catch a cab in the busy New York streets.
  4. Street vendors sell some of the best food ever.
  5. There is always something to do and something to see in NYC.
  6. You can walk everywhere and virtually do not have a need to own a vehicle if you live in the city.
  7. The english language was the least spoken language that I heard during my stay in NYC.
  8. Nothing was more romantic and idyllic than going for a run with my wife in Central Park during the early morning while white snowflakes gently fell from the sky.
  9. The architecture of NYC is stunningly beautiful. I especially enjoyed all of the church buildings. We had a chance to sit in one and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  10. The epicenter of the 9/11 disaster still carries with it a very somber atmosphere. Police activity is triple that of every where else in the city. One of the towers is actually close to full completion. Most people remained quiet and kept to themselves, specifically in this area.

Here is a short photo essay that captures the essence of the city:



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    Fantastic trip! I am happy for you:)

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