One Proven Method To Deal With Difficult People

One truth that has allowed me to deal with difficult people and situations is the fact that on the cross, Jesus boldly proclaimed “It is finished.” 
At the cross of Calvary, we find an emphatic “yes” and “amen” to all of the problems we might come across in our life or ministry.
  • This is easy to say but difficult to grasp.
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross is powerful enough.
  • It is sufficient enough.
  • It is potent enough.
  • It is the basis upon which we must approach any issue or problem.
  • It is vigorous enough to sedate the most acidic of situations.
  • It is authoritative enough to nullify the strongest opposition to truth.
  • It is gentle enough to pacify even the most ruthless of people.
  • It is preeminent enough to melt even the hardest of hearts.
Question: How have you applied this truth in your own life when dealing with difficult people/situations? 


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