Nine Reasons Why I Am Absolutely In Love With My Amazing Wife


There was this incredible event that happened this week and I am so excited to tell you all about it. Two days ago, my wife and I celebrated nine years of marriage. We are coming up to almost a decade and have successfully lived together under one roof, what a crazy concept in our culture these days huh? Before you read this post, I want to warn you. It will be very fuzzy, bubbly with all sorts of cupcakes and sprinkles. Yes, not my usual type of post. So let’s get to the absolute superstar in whose honor this post is written – my wife Vika.

The Bible teaches us that we should give honor to people in our lives (1 Pet. 2:17; Rom. 13:7) We should give honor to people both publicly and privately. If you are married, you should speak well of your spouse both publicly and privately. This is encouraging. This is good. This is powerful. This does amazing things to your relationship. Recognizing and encouraging each other is a very effective strategy at keeping your marriage passionate and alive, exactly how God intended for it to be.

Here are nine definitive reasons why I am absolutely in love with my wife: 

1. Her faith in Jesus is contagious. I am always in awe of the faith that Vika demonstrated in everything that she does. She knows exactly who her God is and she is unashamed to live life that brings the gospel into every sphere of her life. Her faith fuels my faith, and I am a better man because of it.

2. She is undeniably the best cook in the entire world. Yes, this is reason number two. I am a guy and I like to eat. If you want to see some examples, check out her instagram: The presentation of her food is a feast in and of itself. If you have ever been to our home and have eaten any meals with us, you know exactly what I am talking about. I love her food philosophy and here is what she says when I am gushing over her next culinary masterpiece: “you have to feast with your eyes first.” This is so true and I absolutely love it.

3. She is very hospitable and is an incredible host. I remember when a few of my guy friends were visiting me from out of state. While we were hanging out in the pool, Vika brought pool side to us chocolate dipped strawberries and chilled pellegrino. When was the last time you remember service like that? I love it. Thank you Jesus.

4. She is an incredible example to many wives of pastors of what a pastor’s wife needs to be. Let’s get super real. It’s not easy to be a pastor’s wife. There is a lot to deal with and to go through. What I love about Vika is that she doesn’t let criticism bring her down or let some off the cuff comments sway her from the mission in front of her. The next time you see the wife of a pastor, encourage her – I promise you that it will be something that they hear rarely but absolutely need daily.

5. She is supportive of my crazy ideas. When I said to her that I feel led by the Lord to go to seminary, she said “sounds great, here are a few pastors that I know that you should call and they will give you more info on some of the best seminaries out there.” When I told her I am being called into pastoral ministry, she said “great, I have always loved the church and how amazing it will be that we will serve together in our respective roles.” When I said to her I want to write my first book, she said “excellent, I will help you design the cover.” When I said to her I want to write my second book, she said “I’ll bring you snacks and treats to keep you alert while you write.”

6. Her style is unprecedented. Whether it’s fashion or interior design, I absolutely love everything she wears and everything she designs in our home. She is classy in her style and timeless in her approach. I always tell her that everything she touches, turns into gold. She even got me to stop wearing my lime green and hot pink polo shirts. I quickly realized that popping those collars was not that cool.

7. She is the best coach. Her criticism of me is constructive. It is always short, sweet and to the point. She is not impressed with me. She knows just the right amount of encouragement to provide to me. She listens to my sermons and gives me honest feedback. After we eat dinner of course.

8. She makes me laugh. I love the way she laughs. I love the way her eyes sparkle when her and I are just being goofy. When people ask her if she reads my blog, she says: “I don’t read his blog because I live his blog.” Love it! We are best friends for life. Don’t just get married to anyone. Get married to your best friend.

9. She is super patient with me. If you know me at all, I am that guy that gets an adrenaline rush from arriving two minutes before the flight takes off. I will literally fly through two different timezones and speak four days in a row and be home for dinner. She gets my craziness and embraces it. And for that I love her and thank Jesus that He allows me to have such an amazing partner in life.

Bonus Reason: She is passionate about investing into the next generation of leaders. She is constantly mentoring younger girls. She speaks their language. She understand them. She is not indifferent towards them. She puts in time and effort so that they are coached, mentored, propelled forward and invested in. I love this about her.

I am excited about the next season of our life. I know that the best is yet to come. I love you honey!



8 responses to “Nine Reasons Why I Am Absolutely In Love With My Amazing Wife”

  1. What a heartfelt tribute to your wife, Bogdan. So happy for you!

  2. Lili Zagorodniy Avatar
    Lili Zagorodniy

    This is awesome! Happy anniversary to u guys 🙂 what a great example to all of us of such a Godly and Christ-centered couple. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Lili – God bless!

  3. I’d say you just racked up about a 1,000 points with your wife! Way to go!

    Btw, you can see her influence your life Bogdan!

    1. Thank you Caleb – and what is a husband to do except try to rack up as many points as possible ha!

  4. haha really cool 🙂

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