Links Of The Week (Oct 03 – 07, 2011)

This week, the response to the topics being presented here was absolutely overwhelming. I want to again personally thank every single person who read, interacted, commented, shared and subscribed. Please visit this page to find out all of the ways you can get continuous fresh content delivered right to you!

This week at my church we are starting a sermon series based on the book of James. This has always been one of my favorite letters in the New Testament. I am excited to sit under the teaching of this book and even more excited to preach a few sermons on this book. For those of you that are having a three day weekend, I hope you enjoy it and delight in the rest provided to you! Here are the links of the week:

  1. This Post Will Change Your Life Forever – Guaranteed
  2. What The Aftermath Looks Like 
  3. Five Ways You Can Form Firm Friendships
  4. Why I Despise Death And Why I Can’t Wait To Die
  5. Every Day A Friday: How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week 
I hope you enjoy reading the above and sharing it with your friends. Have a fantastic weekend!







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