Four Actions You Can Take Right Now To Become A Life Changer


This past Sunday was super encouraging for me. One of my best friends who loves Jesus and the Bible, preached at my church. Through him, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and the hearts of those listening. The message was based on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Among all the many great things that resonated with my soul, one line from the sermon absolutely wrecked me. In a good way.

You will make it, because Jesus did. 

Paul is praying for the Christians at Ephesus. He is praying that their eyes would be opened to the treasure they possess in Christ Jesus. In Christ, we have a glorious inheritance which cannot be taken away from us.

Despite the uncertainty of our life, we have the certainty of our future life.

This is precisely why you and I can courageously face a catastrophe. This is why you and I can experience joy amidst affliction. This is precisely why the most painful part of our biography, becomes the most powerful part of our testimony. Everything we could ever need, want, desire and long for Рit is already existing in Christ. It is ours for the taking. Not because we are good, but because Jesus was good. Not because we are amazing, but because Jesus never ceases to amaze. Not because we earned it, but because Jesus claimed it, when we did not deserve it.

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is the same power dwelling in those who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus. This is why Jesus loves you. Jesus appreciates you. Jesus personally cares for you. Jesus personally cares about you. He pays attention to your life, is appreciative of your service, sees your good works and finds delight in watching you live for His glory.

Appreciated people, appreciate people.

We all love to receive affirmation and validation. How generous are we to extend this towards other people. What if I told you that Jesus appreciates you and what you do? Would that change your perspective and your service to Him?

All the work you do for the Lord does not go unnoticed by the Lord of that work.

This is a truth we can trust. This is a truth that provides fuel for our life.

Here are four practical things you and I can do today that spreads joy to the people in our lives:

1. Replace Complaining With Praying. If you do not like something, start praying about it and do something about it. The critic and the servant see the same thing – they just respond differently. Sow the harvest in your life that you want to see for your life.

Nothing makes you love another person more than having to pray for that person.

Begin today.

2. Celebrate One Another Instead Of Competing With One Another. If you are too busy focusing on your own religious performance, you will have no time to celebrate the spiritual growth of others. Instead of seeking out validation, extend validation to others. Instead of wallowing in a mire of discontent because no one appreciates you, lavish appreciation upon the people in your life.

3. Less performing, more serving. You will make it because Jesus did. This frees you up to serve other people, instead of trying to perform in front of other people. You can be super fruitful, but what matters is your attitude with which you cultivate your servitude. Is it for others to see or for others to benefit from? Performance causes us to depend on the opinion of other people. Serving causes us to depend on Jesus and put Him on display.

It is not about how you look but rather how God looks.

You were made to mirror Him.

4. Encourage One Another Instead Of Boasting In Front Of One Another. Who do you need to thank today? Who needs to receive a word of encouragement from you.

Last week was super tough as I was going through a lot of different things. Probably at my lowest and most discouraging point of the day, I received a text message from a friend. Here is what it said “I am very proud of you.” This text was not spurred on by any particular reason. The motivation behind the text was a love for the person who would¬†receive the text. I did not need an explanation. All I needed at that moment was encouragement. It changed my entire day.

Which person in your life today is going to be encouraged by you? I challenge you to do it right now. Pick up your iPhone, quit scrolling through the timeline and encourage someone. You will be glad you did. So will they.

Whatever it is that you are going through – I want to give you a message of hope and healing:

You will make it, because Jesus did.

Question: How do you personally cultivate a mindset of the fact that Jesus made it and so will you? Are you aware of the power that you possess when you can encourage someone in your life? Is this a daily habit or an infrequent occurrence? What will you do right now to change that?  


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  1. Yuliya Staley Avatar
    Yuliya Staley

    Great post Bogdan! I especially liked the intro paragraph and found it very encouraging. It is so true! I have found in my life that God has used my most difficult times and turned them in to a very powerful part of my testimony.

    Last night you came up in a conversation we had over a cup of tea with some friends. We were just talking about how much effort, time, and hard work you put in to everything. It really is amazing how much content you put out, and all of It is very practical, helpful, and insightful. I know that a lot of people are encouraged by it, I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work; what you are doing is very important!

    1. Yuliya hi — wow thank you so much for your encouragement – I am so overwhelmed by your words — thank you again and it is very exciting to hear that content written here helps in some way — ūüôā

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