Dear Justin Bieber: I Agree With What You Said About The Church


Dear Justin Bieber, I am so pumped for you bro! It is really encouraging to hear that you want to live like Jesus. In one of your recent radio interviews, there was definitely a different spirit about you, one of healthy temperament and also a passionate desire to turn your life around and life for Christ – for this I applaud you and will pray for you to continue forward.

After reading your Rolling Stone magazine interview, I will say that I agree with your statement about the church. You’re right, you don’t “NEED,” to go to church. In fact, I would say that you actually “GET,” to go to church. To tear asunder the understanding of a follower of Jesus and the church is ultimately a complete fallacy.

One of the primary characteristics of someone who has faithfully decided to follow Jesus is a deep hunger and desire within that person to BELONG to a local church, which is basically the body of Christ (Jesus’ bride). So to separate Jesus from the church is to separate Jesus (the groom), from the bride (the church).

Going to church isn’t just for experiencing community (although that is a part of it), it is actually God’s will for your life (Heb. 10:25).

Here are ten things you aren’t able to do if you decide to follow Jesus but not be an integral, committed part of a local church:

1. Obey Jesus as He himself said that He will build His church and that it is a part of His will for you to be a part of one.

2. Encourage people in your local church by spurring one another to love and good works.

3. Sit under the preaching and teaching of pastors (who are put in that place specifically to care for your soul).

4. Serve other believers with the gifts and talents that God has given you.

5.Be a part of the “body,” by being involved in ministry.

6. Instruct others with love and grace.

7. Honor other believers.

8. Exercise compassion and kindness to fellow believers.

9. A deep joy as you are knit together in love with your fellow brothers and sisters.

10. Be a part of the “living stones,” that are built together into a “spiritual house,” the church.

Justin, I believe that the church needs you.

With the incredible platform that God has given you – please modify your pulpit so that your message and your mission unilaterally proclaims from packed out concert arenas to elite/lavish parties – that Jesus Christ is the God-Man who came to earth to die on a cross two thousand years ago in order that the sin of humanity would be paid for and that anyone and everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be saved.

And that those who reject the message or the good news of the only God who is Jesus Christ, will perish and will not experience eternity with Jesus.

Justin, I am rooting for you brother. In the words of St. Paul, keep fighting the good fight of faith.

Your incredibly obscure brother in Christ,



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