I Need Your Help: Please Answer These Two Questions

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Right now, I am preparing to preach on the book of James. Specifically, I am studying from a biblical perspective what the topic of wisdom is all about. The specific passage that I am referring to can be found in Js. 3:13-18. Here is what I would like to ask you:Based on what you know about wisdom and the gospel, I would like your help in answering two questions:

1. How would you define “wisdom” in a few short sentences? What would you say?

2. How is wisdom related to the gospel

  • Your answers can be as short as you want or as expanded as you want to write.
  • I really appreciate your help!
  • Please use the comment area below this post to submit your answer.
  • I am very thankful for your thought contributions.
  • I will be checking in and interacting throughout the day!

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2 responses to “I Need Your Help: Please Answer These Two Questions”

  1. I really like that passage. I remember doing a Bible study on it. We talked about the way James contrasts earthly wisdom, and heavenly wisdom (“com[ing] down from above”). One manifests itself in selfish ambition and defensiveness, the other in peace, and being open to reason, etc.

    Earthly wisdom is rooted in pride. It is about self love. As an example James mentions by being “open to reason.” It means you can be persuaded about your own unloving character and that you need to change. If you are wise in your own eyes and someone comes to question you well… they can’t! You get defensive and they need to “give some examples” to PROVE that you have really acted unlovingly.

    On the other hand, heavenly wisdom “comes down” from God, and it produces humility. It gives us security so that we can lose ourselves in serving others. We welcome people questioning us, because we can grow! The most clear picture of wisdom coming down from heaven is in Jesus Christ. It is a gift. God uses his grace to soften our hearts to himself and others.

    This is just one example, of how we unpacked it. But in the end, true heavenly wisdom results in love for others. This is born out of heart that has been humbled by the gospel.

    Have fun preaching bro! Its an awesome scripture.

    Much love from SEA-town

    1. Chris — thank you! Great comment! I love that you go deep into what wisdom is, going beyond the confines of what people usually think that it is — and I love how you tie it all back to Jesus and His gospel. Thank you!

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