Twenty Ways To Get Out Of Your Funk


Being a pastor is a dangerous calling because the things you preach about are the very same things that God often sends into your life, to refine your life. This is why I always approach a text I will preach on with trepidation, knowing that this is an area where God might want to test me. I know all of us get into a periodical funk where we want the season to change, but the season is only interested in changing us. Here are twenty ways you can get out of that funk, right now:

If you have had a bad day, a bad week or a bad month, what do you do? Here are twenty practical suggestions that worked for me, that I hope will work for you:

1. Have a worship session with Jesus and tell Him every thing that is frustrating you at the present moment

2. Write out a list of ten specific things that you are thankful for.

3. Turn off all of your electronic devices, and go for a walk or a run.

4. Call a good friend who will listen to you, instead of immediately giving advice to you.

5. Have a good cry. It is ok. Jesus wept also (Jn. 11:35). This will help cleanse your entire emotional system.

6. Quit worrying about things that are out of your control.

7. Turn off the T.V. and never turn it on again.

8. Read a Psalm.

9. Read Proverbs.

10. Clean and organize your work space.

11. Text someone something encouraging.

12. Smile.

13. Take a deep breath.

13. Take a day off.

14. Take a twenty-minute nap.

15. Change positions. If you are sitting, stand. If you are standing, sit.

16. Stop complaining, immediately.

17. Do that one thing right now, that you fear the most.

18. Turn on some upbeat music and blast it in your car.

19. Schedule a lunch date with a friend.

20. Avoid being a part of negative conversations.

You have one life to live, now go make it count!

Question: What did I miss? What else would you add to this list? 




4 responses to “Twenty Ways To Get Out Of Your Funk”

  1. #3 usually works great for me, however I don’t turn off all my electronic devices. I like to listen to a good sermon or just audio Scripture while I walk.

  2. Btw, have you read “Dangerous Calling” by Paul David Tripp? Your intro sounds like a reference to it. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it!

    1. Yes, I have read it – painful but useful book 🙂

      1. Yes, I agree, a bit painful in some spots but man it’s all worth it!

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