Forward: How To Get Unstuck And Become Unstoppable – The New Book By Bogdan Kipko

November 25, 2013
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Hi Guys! I am so excited to share with you that today, my brand new book Forward is officially released!

Go to to get your copy! 

This is a book that will tell you on every page, that if you have breath in your lungs, God has a plan for your life. A plan that is far better, bigger and immeasurably more than anything you have ever imagined. 




Here is how you can get your copy:

Head over to (click here to go there) where you can check out the official website for the book and get your copy. 

Please help me spread the word of the launch of the book by posting on Facebook or Tweeting out this message today: 

The new book from Bogdan Kipko – Forward, is officially out today. Go to to get your copy. #forwardbook  

Here is some cool free marketing swag that my graphic designer ( created for the book launch:

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Whenever you mention this book, please use the following hashtag: #forwardbook

Thank you for being willing to support and help me with this book. I genuinely appreciate your time and effort. 

Bogdan Kipko

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