Five Things I Wish Jesus Would Have Never Said

photo from Istock photo via @TheMalni
photo from Istock photo via @TheMalni

I love my friend Jesus because despite my faults, flaws and failures – He still continues to love me. But honestly, there are some thingsĀ He said that don’t resonate well with me. Here are five things I wish Jesus would have never said:

1. Love Your Enemies (Luke 1:27). How often do we as Christians say the following phrase: I love him or her as a brother or sister in Christ, but want nothing to do with them? It is very easy to love people with the love of Jesus at a distance. Jesus tells us to do good to those who hate you. If this statement of Jesus makes you feel warm and fuzzy, please read this post. It is difficult for me to love people that hate me. ButĀ then I think of the fact that while I was still a sinner, Christ died for me. If we are not believing the gospel constantly, we won’t image Jesus faithfully.

2. To One Who Strikes You On The Cheek, Offer The Other Also (Luke 6:29). My sinful nature wants to make my point heard but I believe Jesus is more interested in a difference to be made. Do you want to win people? Love them. Often.

3. I Have Something To Say To You (Luke 7:40). I know the Holy Spirit is doing His thing when seemingly unrelated people began to speak into my life an uncomfortable truth. Sometimes, even the ugly truth. When Jesus said this phrase to Simon, He did not follow it up with a round ofĀ applause.

[Tweet ” Even though the truth might hurt, it also helps and heals.”]

4. No One Is Good Except God Alone (Luke 18:19). On our best day, we don’t measure up to what Jesus demands. But He still continues to love us. We are not saved by our good works but rather by Jesus’ good work. There on that old rugged cross, Jesus shattered any dream that you and I had to pretend we deserve to be saved. Yet He is patient and merciful with us. Because He alone is good.

5. If Your Right Eye Causes You To Sin, Tear It Out And Throw It Away. Sin in our life should not be entertainedĀ butĀ rather destroyed.Ā Aggressively. EitherĀ empowered by Jesus we will be killing sin, or sin will be slowly and surely, killing us. We either will run from sin or sin will ruin us. ButĀ here is the thing: Instead of focusing on what sin not to do, we need to focus more on the Savior that saves and sustains us.

Without a doubt, these are things Jesus said that I wish He never would. Even Jesus’ disciples said “This is a hard saying, who can listen to it” (John. 6:60).

If we are really honest, these phrases Jesus said are difficult to listen to. Even moreĀ difficultĀ to live by.

Sometimes I wonder if theĀ statementsĀ of Jesus that I wish He never would have said are the very statements that He would like for me to pay attention to the most.

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Question: What other things did Jesus say that you wish HeĀ didn’t?Ā 


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