Five Things That Are Evident About America After Yesterday’s Election


1. You can say a lot of right things but if you say it in the wrong way, the impact you desire will not be made.

2. You cannot win an election if you look like the past and not like the future (again, perception trumps reality here in the ears and eyes of most people – a guilty by association factor is highly indicative of this).

3. When less Americans attend church, there is a shift in voting patterns. (True of this election)

4. Worldview matters and during this election, we saw a seismic shift in the way the US thinks and feels about issues that pertain to the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage and the freedom of religious expression.

5. The American mind is secularized and hostile towards biblical morality.

The challenge for the Christian is to be able to translate tightly-held biblical convictions into an understandable worldview that will lead people to Christ.


2 responses to “Five Things That Are Evident About America After Yesterday’s Election”

  1. I am just now getting over the discouragement of the election! It is a sad day for America. We passed the tipping point. The takers now out-number the makers. Socialism here we come. Bummer. But of course our life is in God’s hands and this world is not our home. As good citizens we will submit to whatever government God allows (Romans 13) and we will pray for our leaders. Perhaps this is God’s punishment for a nation that has for the most part turned from Him and His moral laws.

    1. John hi, click here for a round-up of links that feature Christian commentary post-election.

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