FFL 085: My Interview With PCSBA About Trip To Moscow

I had an incredibly blessed time traveling to and speaking at the largest Baptist Youth Conference that happens in all of Russia, this past February 1-4, 2018. The conference is called “Generation For Christ,” and happens in the center of Moscow, every year, led by Vitaliy Zanin (President of Youth Department). Thank you to Vitaliy and to the Russian Baptist Union for their gracious invitation. This event drew 1500 young people into the city of Moscow, to listen to ten sermons, thirty seminars and four non-stop days of worshipping Jesus, together. For more information about this event, go to: www.imolod.ru.

One of the most memorable moments during this conference was during the last evening, when I got done preaching the final message and right after we all prayed together for God to send a fresh new revival to all of Russia, we sang “How Great Thou Art,” with all 1500 conference participants in the middle of a city that is the capital of a country that was under a communistic/atheistic regime for nearly seventy years. The significance of that, cannot be overstated. The following is audio about my trip to Moscow, Russian. I hope you enjoy it and are blessed by it.

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