FFL 049: Alexey Dolotov On Creating Openly Transparent Music


I am super pumped to publish this podcast interview I did with Alexey Dolotov, aka “Doloto,” on the Fuel For Life Podcast. For more information about Alexey, click here to visit his website and go buy his new album which came out on March 22.

In our interview, I spoke with Alexey about his immigrant roots, his love for music and what his creative process looks like when he was launching this album. In his words, here is what Alexey says his new album “Positive Convictions,” is all about:

Never in my life would I imagine to invest so much time, resources, relationships, personal vulnerable testimonies in making an album such as this. In the journey there were things lost and gained, relationships weakened, chances with potentials ended, friendships made and strengthened, faith tested and matured, new lessons learned, and false identity sacrificed with the true identity developed and enriched. This is a slight description of what the album Positive Convictions is all about. It is the results that follow spiritual discipline of being broken and restored. Positive Convictions is aide to the believer’s walk of faith.

Alexey’s inspirations for the album include Joe Thorn, Nickels, Braille, Propaganda and Social Club. Alexey and I had a ton of fun doing this interview. In it, you will also hear snippets of his tracks plus he performs live, right on the podcast – which I believe is a first for the podcast.

FFL Nation, get ready to be inspired and encouraged by this interview and by Doloto himself.

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For all the info related to the album and Alexey, click here and check out his website.

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