FFL 042: How To Be Insanely Successful At Nineteen With Benjamin Gusenkov

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On this podcast, I am going to interview the man behind the man, the young hustler that makes everything amazing happen as it relates to Fuel For Life and all of my audio and video content. Many of you may have heard of him or have seen him travel with me when I go speak at an event or a conference. He is the person that does 100% of all the audio production for my Fuel For Life podcast and also the majority of any video content that you see me put out is also done by him.

He is also a business owner, an entrepreneur, a musician, a youtube sensation, the hardest working 19 year old I’ve ever met and he is probably the nicest and most fun person you will ever interact with. Listen to this interview with the one, the only, the indispensable, unforgettable Mr Benjamin Gusenkov. To connect with Ben, click here to visit his website. Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thebestofbenjamin/ or click here


Saturday, November 20th, 2021

It is with a heavy and broken heart that I deliver this news that my beloved brother in Christ, friend, nephew, worship leader, young adult leader and the absolute best angelic human being that has ever lived on this earth, has been taken by the Lord last night. My heart is broken, our families hearts are shattered and so is the @forwardirvine church. We are devastated 💔💔💔 we know that God’s timing and God’s wisdom is infinitely better than ours and because of that, we can find peace during this gut-wrenching, unconscionable time. Just like Ben led us every Sunday, we will continue to worship Jesus and continue on Ben’s legacy.


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  1. Bogdan Taryanik Avatar
    Bogdan Taryanik

    I think you hit the jackpot, when you said. “When you figure out who you are, what you were made to do.” That’s key because too many people are crazy busy trying to make it, but never get anywhere. While others you see doing so much more, yet successfully. I feel you did a good job interviewing Ben , thanks for sharing the “secret souce.” Purpose & emersion is paramount!

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