FFL 017: Seven Things You Must Know About Our Europe Trip

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On this podcast episode, my wife Vika joins me as we discuss our Europe trip. This is also the first time that Vika is a guest on my podcast show. I know you will want to listen to this episode!

After ten airports, ten flights, two trains, twenty-five Ubers and about one hundred miles of walking, we are back in the best country in the world.  It was super fun to get out of our comfort zone and visit countries where most people speak zero English. Let me say right at the beginning that visiting Europe was an amazing experience.

The food was delicious, the sight-seeing was breathtaking and the shopping is unrivaled to anything else in the world. We loved having incredible espresso in the middle of a busy shopping district in Paris. Having heavenly pastries at LaDuree on Avenue des Champs-Élysées was delightful. Being with my beautiful wife at the Eiffel Tower during the time it lights up at night was uberly romantic. Afternoon tea with the Queen in London was unforgettable. Getting a straight razor shave at a Ted Baker was very manly and London-esque. Traveling via the English Channel from London to Paris at 180mph while sipping on a latte was very relaxing. Being whisked away via private Uber chauffeur from train stations and airports while hundreds waited in line for taxis was marvelous.

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In this episode, Vika and I discuss the following seven things surrounding our Europe trip:

1. Transportation

2. Hospitality

3. Food

4. Culture

5. Sight-Seeing

6. Shopping

7. Favorite Things Lighting Round.

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