Why The Addiction To Drama Is A Desperate Attempt For Control

We love drama because it magnifies our significance. It allows us for some small moment to feel like we control the outcome. This has been the default mode of the human heart, ever since the dramatic fall from grace which occurred in the Garden of Eden. Our ancestors were not satisfied with the script and wanted to become the script-writers. But God often wants you to work behind the scenes, so that He could take center stage.

Some people are addicted to drama because it empowers them to be the narrator of a story where they are the hero and everyone around is a villain. 

The truth is that the story with the most drama has already been written, and we need to realize we are not the heroes and are only villains – until our story is re-rewritten by the Great Narrator – Jesus.

This gives us freedom from seeking drama to proclaim our heroism but rather in humility, we seek to fulfill the role that the Script writer has already written for us. 

When we realize that not everything around us is about us – this releases us to love those around us, despite what they think of us.

To live a great story is to first acknowledge Who wrote that story and to stick to the script that has been purposefully penned for our joy and for Jesus’ glory.


2 responses to “Why The Addiction To Drama Is A Desperate Attempt For Control”

  1. Knowing that I am a part of the eternal script gives me peace and power to live with a holy purpose. Most of all – I’m reminded to let go – I’m NOT in control. What I get to control is my selfish desires and my prideful thoughts.

    BOGDAN, please keep writing and speaking!!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Mariya!

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