The Biblical Basis For Hating Death And Desiring To Die


I hate death. Ironically though, I cannot wait to die. Why? Because my life is about pursuing Christ and my death will be the finale when I will meet with Christ, face to face. The Bible also teaches us to hate what God hates. So when I say that I hate death, I am just trying to be Biblical.

God hates death so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to come to earth to defeat death. There was a definitive death of death in the death of Christ. Jesus came to earth to deliver a fatal blow to the father of death and all of his demons.

Jesus was victorious over death and disabled the power of it. This is why death is not the end. It is painful. It is sad. It is frustrating. It does not make sense. But it is not the end – and although it is fatal – it is not final.

Death has been on my mind lately. My wife’s dad went to be with Jesus, almost ten years ago. My dad went to be with Jesus, four years ago.

Just this past week – my aunt – who was an amazing woman of God – went to be with her Jesus. I want to share a short piece about this beautiful woman who loved Jesus and loved the people around her:

Nadia was a woman of God who has impacted this world globally and has made a tremendous impact in my life personally.

She was the absolute most loving, caring and Jesus-loving aunt anyone could ever imagine having. Her unique style was unprecedented. Her infectious laugh left people wanting to speak with her. Her love for people melted hearts. Her life inspired me and motivated me to love Jesus more than ever before. Jesus welcomes early into His Kingdom the absolute best among us. Nadia will be deeply missed but never forgotten. We pray that the peace of Jesus that surpasses all human understanding would be with the family during this time.



Here is why am convinced that death is not the end:

1. Jesus declared victory over death. Even though we will experience physical death, we will never experience spiritual death – provided that we have placed our faith and trust in the One who has defeated death (John. 10:27-29).

2. Jesus provides for us an inheritance that cannot be damaged by death. When we will experience absence from our bodies, we will experience the presence of Jesus (2. Cor. 5:8).

3. Jesus is our Good Shepherd who saves us from the claws of death and delivers us into the safety of His loving arms. All of us will inevitably enter into the shadow of death. But we do not fear death because the Great Comforter conquered it (Ps. 23:4).

4. Jesus is not surprised by death. He allocated the specific time when your life would end. God has scheduled a pre-determined time for when you will die. It wil not be a coincidence or an uncertainty, in the eyes of God (Heb. 9:27).

One day, our God, our Creator, our Savior will wipe away every tear from your eyes, every tear from the eyes of your family members, every tear from your brothers and sisters who have lost a loved one.

There will not be mourning over a person who has suffered at the cruel fate of cancer. There will not be any more crying. There will not be anymore anxiety. There will not be any more grieving. There will not be any more pain.

Anything and everything that we despise here on earth will be absolutely disabled from causing any more damage (1 John 3:1-2Rev 21:1-4).

If you are still skeptical and think there is no life after this, know this:

The bible teaches us that the wages of sin are death (Rom. 6:23). It does not matter if you are a religious person or a staunch atheist. You will die. The date of your death is impending. It is looming over you. You cannot control it. You cannot do anything about it. It is an event in your life that will come like a thief in the night. You will not expect it. You might not be ready for it. You are surely not anxiously anticipating it.

This is why death, is not the end.



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  1. Bogdan, thank you for sharing about your Aunt Nadia – your post offers a lot of hope to those who are going through a similar circumstance. Death is not the end as our Lord and Savior has risen, and defeated death on the cross! God bless, and may the Lord comfort you and your family in this time of grief.

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